I tweeted this week that I’ve become the person who carries essential oils in my bag for stress and anxiety, and wow, it turns out I’m not alone! A lot of people asked what I like, the best essential oils I’ve found so far, hail from Aura Cacia.

I’ve been sent a lot of essential oils over the years to try and honestly…most are meh. They tend to lose their fragrance quickly, the scents aren’t particularly pleasant, or their either way too subtle or way to strong.

(And that’s not even counting the disgusting chocolate-scented oils my daughter ordered during The Great DIY Slime Phase of 2017-18. Shudder.)

A friend of the owner sent me a bunch of Aura Cacia scents a while ago and since then, I’ve purchased my own, which is how great they are. The fragrances are beautifully refined, in part because the ingredients are impressively high-grade and pure. Plus, there are dozens of scents to choose from. And I happen to love the company’s commitment to organizations that support women and girls.

This is also why I’ve included Aura Cacia in our guides to the best best self-care gifts for moms, our list of homemade mason jar spa gift ideas with safe ingredients, and we recommend it as a scent in these 7 DIY face mask recipes for every skin care woe.

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Aura Cacia Chill Pill roll on for de-stressing

So back to de-stressing.

What’s keeping me going these days is the lavender roll-on. I’ve always loved lavender, and not just because it’s reported to help alleviate anxiety, insomnia, nausea…any of those sound familiar right now?

If you’re not a full-on lavender fan, another notable option is the Chill Pill Essential Oil Blend. It gives you that lavender, but it’s blended along with minty, citrusy, and herbal scents and is just so balanced and calming. Thus, the name.

DIY essential oil hand cream recipe from Aura Cacia

If you’re looking for some projects that blend a little self-care and aromatherapy and a DIY project to keep you busy, definitely poke around the Aura Cacia site for dozens of recipes like the hand cream, above. In fact, just scrolling around the site is a nice break from life right now in itself.

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