I had to laugh when I caught wind of Kayla Pekkala’s wonderful holiday gift collection on Tiny Werewolves — the highlight of which are the mugs, hats, tees and sweatshirts, all lovingly adorned with a classic Christmas sweater pattern. Oh, and the words, The War on Christmas is Not Real.


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The war on Christmas is not real: Mug from Tiny Werewolves

Does Rockerfeller Center celebrate the Non-Denominational Solstice Tree lighting each year? Does the department store Santa prefer to refer to himself as “North Pole Holiday Man?” Are there copious news reports of the government disappearing “Merry Christmas” wishers without a trace?

And do you believe that it just might be considerate to wish people “happy holidays,” particularly if you are speaking to a large group or don’t know exactly what they celebrate, all in the name of inclusivity and kindness and the giving that characterizes the season?

If you’ve answered no no no yes, you’re my people.

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The war on Christmas is not real: Sweatshirts, tees, and other gifts from Tiny Werewolves

It’s almost like…the war on Christmas is a totally fabricated non-issue, devised to get people to watch histrionic TV segments or buy antagonistic books from talk radio hosts. And that the phrase Happy Holidays has been common for 150 years or more, in this country.

So, enjoy your Christmas, if you celebrate! You deserve a great one this year. And hey, buy a sweatshirt and support a small business.

One last note: There’s no war on Christmas in Starbucks either. Last I checked, there’s no Sufganiyot-flavored “holiday” lattes served in cups featuring cute minimalist illustrations of the Maccabees. But one can hope!

Find “War On Christmas Isn’t Real” gifts by indie designer Kayla Pekkala in the holiday gift collection on Tiny Werewolves. They make face masks too!

h/t Parker Molloy