While we often share our favorite funny Christmas ornaments, we just had to share our favorite 2020 ornaments, specifically. I mean this country can’t agree on much lately (sigh) but I think we can all agree, that it’s been one crazy year.

In the alleged words of GW Bush in 2017, “That was some weird sh*t.”

Of course now that we’re seeing the light at the end of the pandemic (we hope) and an ugly political season (phew), we’re looking for all the silver linings of the holidays and that includes the ability to look back and laugh. That’s why these funny 2020 Christmas ornaments sum up the year perfectly.

 – Kate with Liz

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Funny 2020 ornaments: Santa with a face mask!

I was so relieved to find out that Santa is immune to COVID, so he can still visit our homes this year. But since Santa is obviously on the nice list, I know he’ll wear a mask. This Santa with a face mask ornament is an apropos way for us to remember 2020 for all our Christmases to come.


Funny 2020 ornaments: The 2020 Bingo Card at Valan Products

If you just want to throw all the 2020 trends into one big ornament, then this 2020 Bingo Card ornament is awesome. From sourdough starters (aw, remember way back in March?) to quarantine hair to murder hornets, this one covers it all.


Funny 2020 ornament: Our first pandemic at Crazy Lovely

I enjoy celebrating firsts, so we have some baby’s first Christmas ornaments, our first house ornament, a first puppy ornament, and now…Our First Pandemic ornament via Crazy Lovely.


Funny 2020 ornaments: The Toilet Paper Roll at Always Fits

Liz already found the ultimate 2020 ornament: the toilet paper roll ornament at Always Fits. May we never have to use the ornament itself for…well, you know.

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Funny 2020 ornaments: Dr. Fauci face palm ornament, for all the mess he's had to deal with.

Who are we thankful for this year? Dr. Fauci! He’s helped us navigate through some extremely difficult and confusing circumstances — and that’s serious stuff. But for a bit of levity we all love this Dr. Fauci face palm ornament by Brad Albright, which reminds me of some of the more (ahem) creative suggestions he’s gotten from the president this year.

Funny 2020 ornaments: Classy bougie ratchet savage ornament on Etsy.

One of the good things about this Savage ornament from Love JR Designs: You can actually hang these particular lyrics on the tree even if your mother-in-law is around.


Funny 2020 ornaments: Remembering the Four Seasons...Total Landscaping (not the hotel). Oops.

May the Four Seasons Total Landscaping always be in our hearts. Or on our tree. Though instead of being nestled between an adult bookstore and a crematorium, maybe between an angel and a Nutcracker.  (We told you 2020 was weird!)


Funny 2020 ornaments: Rosebud Motel keychain ornaments from Schitt's Creek at LT Co Designs

My family finally binged Schitt’s Creek — all of it — and we are missing the Rose family already. If they’ve become your virtual family this year too, then you’ll want this Rosebud Motel keychain ornament at LTcoDesign…or maybe just hang the official Rosebud Motel keychain on your tree with an ornament hanger.


Funny 2020 ornaments: It's the year of Gritty! Whoo, Philadelphia!

If you don’t know who Gritty is, we can’t entirely help you. If you do, you need this Gritty ornament from Exit 343 Design for your tree. You don’t even have to be from Philly. Merry Grittsmas.


Funny 2020 ornaments: We'll be decking the halls with Ka-ma-la-la-la-la-la-la-la this year!

Melania may be a bit grumpy about decorating for Christmas at the White House, but we’re not! And I’m sure we’re not the only ones with “Kama la la la la…” stuck our heads this holiday.

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Funny 2020 Ornaments: Presenting, the Fu*kflake at Rustic Revival

If you look carefully at this lovely 2020 snowflake ornament from Rustic Revival, you’ll notice it’s actually made of arguably the word of 2020. It’s so subtle, the kids won’t notice — or just hang it on a high branch. Or not.

2020, man.