I think I speak for all of us when I say, wow, that was awful. If you too desperately need some end-of-the-year levity, check out these funny Christmas cards that riff on all things 2020 — from masks to Zoom to that big election you may have heard something about.

And yes, toilet paper. Of course.

I’ve never managed to get family Christmas cards out in time, but this year they felt extra important as we’ve been so isolated from so many of our friends and family. So I’ve also included some funny custom photo holiday cards here.

Yes, funny custom holiday cards exist! But alternatively, you can send a regular card that bests suit your sense of you humor, then  print out your family snapshot and include it inside the card.

And hey, your note can be funny too. No rules about that. Especially this year.

Top image: Dystopian future Christmas card | Sad Shop 

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Funny Christmas cards for 2020: Schitt's Creek Christmas card | Untamed Ego Shop

For those of us trying very hard to socially distance — or those of us finding it surprisingly easy to avoid family gatherings — I present this Schitt’s Creek Christmas card from Untamed Ego Shop. Pair with one of these favorite Schitt’s Creek gifts for all the fans on your list

Funny Christmas cards for 2020: Hand sanitizer Christmas card also comes | Haven P. Co Etsy shop

Treat your loved ones to the good stuff on the top shelf — of Walgreen’s or CVS, that is. This funny hand sanitizer Christmas card comes from Haven P. Co Etsy shop and I just love it. Cheers to 2021, amiright?

Funny Christmas cards for 2020: Obligatory Christmas photo card | Cards Etcetera

If you want to include a family photo while also adding levity, check out this obligatory Christmas photo card at Cards Etcetera. Irony is in this year, trust me. And hey, I’m sure this funny Christmas card would be even funnier if you use a picture of the top of the kids’ heads, pointed down toward their Nintendo Switches.

Funny Christmas cards for 2020: Christmas light tangle card | Meshuga

Sometimes one image sums up an entire year. In this case, it’s this funny Christmas light tangle card at Meshuga. And hey, if you need to skip the detangling and buy a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree this year, you can do that. You’ve earned it.

Funny Christmas cards for 2020: 2020 Christmas tree card | Haven P Co

While I hope we’re all done hoarding the TP and hand sanitizer, I’m still laughing at this funny 2020 Christmas tree card also from Haven P Co. I think it will pair perfectly with Liz’s 2020 “It'” Christmas ornament pick.

Funny Christmas cards for 2020: Socially distant Christmas card | Minted

Like way, way over here. Minted gives us lots of customization options for this socially distant Christmas card, so you can change the color or greeting. Or even if you want to change the holiday entirely and send these out with a New Year’s greeting — because let’s face it, some of us still won’t get cards out in the mail until 2021 anyway.

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Funny Christmas cards for 2020: Dystopian future Christmas card | Sad Shop

Sometimes you just gotta call it like it is. Thanks to one of our favorite Etsy card shops, Sad Shop for this wry “dystopian future” Christmas card, four words I never thought I’d say together before 2020.

Funny Christmas cards for 2020: stink stank stunk Christmas card | 13 Tumbleweeds

Fact checked this, and yes, it’s accurate. Love this fun Grinch reference in this stink stank stunk Christmas card from 13 Tumbleweeds.

Funny Christmas cards for 2020: Kamala-la-la Christmas card | Glowwing Notes

No lie, this is one Christmas carol I am SO excited to sing this year. And for next four years…at least.  Find this Kamala-la-la Christmas card at Glowwing Notes on Etsy.

Funny Christmas cards for 2020: Let it Joe Christmas card at Sweet and Lovely

Like I said, I’m kind of excited about the results of our most recent election, ahem. I know I’m with more than 81 million others (in the US alone) who’d be okay celebrating with this cheerful Let it Joe Christmas card at Sweet and Lovely, sent with the hopes for a much calmer 2021.

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