Well of course we had to share our favorite Schitt’s Creek gifts this year! After all, you might realize that one of favorite holiday gift recommendations each year are the up-to-the-minute pop-culture gifts, like Fleabag gifts in 2019, 90’s TV pop culture gifts for every millennial and X-er missing the good old days, and this year, our favorite Star Wars’ Mandalorian gifts. (Coming soon: The best Among Us gifts, beyond the cool Among Us caps we found here.)

So of course one of the pop culture sensations of 2020 is, without a doubt, the lovable and quirky television series Schitt’s Creek. Whether you’ve been a fan going way back to 2016 (2015 in Canada!) or binge-watched the entire series during quarantine this year, we cannot get enough of the Rose family, their friends, and every single person who ever stepped foot in that town, TBH.

If you too have an obsessed Schitt’s Creek fan on your holiday shopping list, hold on to your perfectly coiffed wig: I’ve rounded up 20 of simply the best gifts that are a little bit Alexis…and a little bit David, Moira, Johnny, Stevie, Patrick, Roland, and Jocelyn.

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20 of the Best Schitt's Creek Gifts: So many cool ones, no "ew" ones | Cool Mom Picks

Rose Apothecary Soy Candle

Grab a beautiful-smelling soy candle from Schitt's Creek's Rose Apothecary, made by BelleVie Candle

If we could shop in David and Patrick’s store IRL, I’m pretty sure they’d stock these Rose Apothecary Soy & Vegan Candles from Belle Vie Candle. Choose from eight sophisticated scents like Lime Mandarin, Frosted Juniper, or White Tea and Ginger, none of which smell like the inside of Roland’s truck.

David Rose Lightning Bolt Sweater


Schitt's Creek gift: the iconic Neil Barrett lightning bolt sweater that David Rose wore

You know David Rose would never be caught dead in a knockoff, so we’ve tracked down the awesome and iconic original lightning bolts sweater from Neil Barrett. (And it’s on sale!)  You might even get a hug if you gift this to the fashionista in your life — along with a kilt, of course.

Schitt’s Creek Tea Towels

Hilarious Schitt's Creek gift? Quotes on tea towels from Sweatshirt Nation

My sister gifted me a couple of these Schitt’s Creek “favorite quotes” Kitchen Towels from Sweatshirt Nation (also at very top left), and I love them so much, I yell when the kids wipe their dirty fingers on them. Good luck picking only two quotes; they are all so memorable, I can hear the characters saying them in my head.

Rosebud Motel Baseball Cap

This Rosebud Motel baseball cap from Target makes a great gift for a Schitt's Creek fan

With a nod to the Rose family’s home base (and a wink to David’s very short stint in baseball), I love this simple baseball cap (item no longer available) that I spotted in Target.. Just, ew, please don’t ever wear it backwards–Alexis would not approve.

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Alexis’s Love That Journey for Me Journal

Schitt's Creek journal for travel notes or other lists from Zen and Tonic Designs

Maybe someone in your life could use this Schitt’s Creek gift to dream about places they might visit. (The Galápagos, perhaps?) Or maybe they’ll just write down everything they want to do post-pandemic. Either way, Alexis’s Love That Journey For Me journal (item shown no longer available, but a similar one is) from Zen and Tonic Designs makes a perfect little gift for list-makers, with almost 100 lined pages just waiting for you.


Best Wishes, Warmest Regards Door Mat

Schitt's Creek gift: Best Wishes, Warmest Regards doormat from The Doormatory

This Best Wishes Warmest Regards door mat (item no longer available) from The Doormatory on Etsy is the ideal gift for the Stevie Budd to your David Rose. It sounds sweet. But is it really? Hm.

Schitt’s Creek Quote Art Print

Schitt's Creek gift: Art print featuring quote by Alexis Rose designed by Risa Rodil for Red Bubble

Love this bright and beautifully designed Schitt’s Creek art print by Risa Rodil that features words of wisdom from Alexis Rose. Give it to your favorite teen, best friend, or maybe hang in your own home office, because it’s a good one. The quote can also be printed on tees, phone cases, pillows, and notebooks.

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Printable Herb Ertlinger Fruit Wine Labels and Wine Glass

Give you Schitt's Creek fan some wine with these printable Herb Ertlinger Fruit Wine labels from Practical and Pretty

If just the phrase “fruit wine” gives you a case of the giggles, you may want to take a stab at this DIY project to turn up the giftiness  on a few favorite wines. These printable Herb Ertlinger Fruit Wine labels from Practical and Pretty (which happen to have the absolute best verbiage on the back label) are made to be printed on a Xyron, though us lesser-equipped crafting mortals should be okay with sticker paper too.  Best of all, it’s a free download when you subscribe.

Grab a great Schitt's Creek wine glass for a gift like this one from Just for Kicks

And, while you’re at it, add a special wine glass like this I Like the Wine Not the Label glass from Just for Kicks. It’s the perfect, memorable line from a perfect, memorable show.

Love that Journey Party Game

Love that Journey party game from Funko makes a great gift for a Schitt's Creek fan

New for 2022! Love That Journey is the perfect gift for all Schitt’s Creek fans, whether they are totally obsessed or still mix up the names of Moira’s wigs.

Moira Rose Prayer Candle

Schitt's Creek gift: A Moira Rose prayer candle from Flaming Feminist

No spoilers if you haven’t made it through Season 6 yet, but let just say this Moira prayer candle from Flaming Feminist is wonderful in every way. If you want the best Schitt’s Creek gift at a super price, give this to everyone on your list who you think could use a little blessing and acceptance in their lives.

Schitt’s Creek Quotable Throw Pillow

Schitt's Creek gift: David Rose throw pillow from Teepublic's Nerdy Designs

Know someone who has had just about enough with Zoom social gatherings? Tell them you know exactly how they feel with this classic David Rose quote on a soft throw pillow. The case can be removed to wash because, ew, germs.

Rosebud Motel Robe

Schitt's Creek gift: An official Rosebud Motel terry robe

The Rosebud Motel may not have much in terms of room service, but we are digging this soft, plush “official” Rosebud Motel robe that even has a pocket to hold your room key. Throw on after a shower, or just wear all day. You know, when pulling on leggings feels like too much work.

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Bebe Onesie and Mug Set

Schitt's Creek gift for the new mom: A bebé onesie and matching mug from Roc the Crystal

Know someone who is a new bebé mama? Check out this cool Bebé Mama Gift Set (item no longer available) from Roc the Crystal which comes with a onesie for the little one, and something to hold lots of caffeinated beverage for the mama. Even Moira would approve though she’d never let that bebé near her bebés.


Schitt’s Creek “Fold in the Cheese” Apron

This Schitt's Creek Fold in the Cheese apron from Good Crafternoon Company makes a great holiday gift

If you’re shopping for a seasoned pros in the kitchen, or someone a bit more on the Moira/David super-beginner level, this Fold in the Cheese Schitt’s Creek apron from Good Crafternoon Company will keep them clean as they tackle the next recipe. Comes in seven colors but, alas, no instructions on how to fold in the cheese.


The Moira Rose 2021 Vocabulary Calendar

Gift them a year of Schitt's Creek with the Moira Rose 2021 Vocabulary Calendar

You will not find a more erudite calendar to enumerate the days, than this Moira Rose 2021 Vocabulary Calendar (item no longer available) from Denver-based The Card Aisle. It should fill your brain to the brim with splendacious words each month, and that is a gift in itself. I also love the minimalist illustrations, which feature twelve of Moira’s most memorable (if not minimalist) outfits from the show.


Café Tropical Coffee Mug

Schitt's Creek gift idea: A Café Tropical coffee mug from Sugarmouth Clothing

They can start their day with a Café Tropical mug (item no longer available but similar mug is available here) filled with anything but Twyla’s Surprise Me Smoothie. Made by Sugarmouth Clothing, this ceramic mug comes in two sizes but get the large, because 2020 has been a year.


David Rose’s Sweater Pins

Four detailed pins of David Rose's sweaters make an awesome Schitt's Creek gift

David Rose’s sweater lapel pins by Colorful Geekiness are awesome as backpack bling or diaper bag pins, or just attach to a favorite quarantine sweatshirt or the lapel on your fleece jacket for a little style. I think they’re all like tiny pieces of art. Available to purchase separately, but I’d need all four because how could I choose?

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Jazzagals T-Shirt

Schitts Creek gift: Love this soft Jazzagals tee-shirt from TimeTech Apparel

Whether or not they can carry a tune, a soft Jazzagals tee from TimeTech Apparel will make any superfan’s heart sing. Comes in tons of colors too, though we adore this color and think Jocelyn would approve.

Schitt’s Creek Sticker Set

Schitt's Creek sticker set by Tayroar Design makes a great stocking stuffer

This little Schitt’s Creek sticker set (item no longer available)  from Tayroar Design makes a great stocking stuffer for just a few dollars (with free shipping!) and it includes such recognizable images as David’s lightning bolt sweater, a Rosebud Motel key ring, a ticket to The Crows Have Eyes 3 movie, and the cassette tape from Alexis’s, um, interesting audition.

Schitt’s Creek Christmas Ornament

What the actual... Schitt's Creek David ornament

If there’s one thing we need in 2020 — besides Schitt’s Creek gifts — it’s to say goodbye to 2020 (item no longer available but other ornaments are).  Here, let David do it for you. (From Ken’s Designs Matter)

Schitt’s Creek Complete DVD Box Set

Give them all six seasons of Schitt's Creek in one box set

For those of you who had to wait all those long months until the final season was finally streaming, you know you never want to go through that again. And neither will any friends of yours who plan to binge it during this long, socially-distant winter. So give them Schitt’s Creek complete series DVD Box Set in one complete package. To own. Forever. It even includes some outtakes and bloopers, though you’ll note that its affordability is, in part, because of somewhat flimsy packaging. Also, the fact that no one is buying DVDs much anymore. Even so, did I mention they will own this? Forever?