Vaccination t-shirts are more than a trend, they may be kind of important to you. I have seen so many people tell me that they are thrilled to be vaccinated, they’re ready to take off their masks outside or with friends — but they don’t want people to think they’re some crazy, Covid-carrying anti-masker. It’s sad that it’s come to this, but here we are.

So for the 119 million or so of you Americans who are fully vaccinated, happily enjoying your free Krispy Kreme, and want a way to show off your status even after the bandage has fallen off your arm, I’ve got you covered with a vaccination t-shirt to suit any style, any size, any gender, and any attitude.

Oh and PS, when I stumbled onto shops that also sold “unvaccinated and FU” tees or whatever nonsense, I pulled them from this article. If you’re both-sidesing the proven immunological science that’s helping stop a deadly global pandemic, you’re not clever and you’re not cute.

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Above: Thank You Science Vaccination T-shirt from Typically Vulgar


Vaccinated...Still Not a Hugger Tee from Afrodits

Vaccinated…Still Not a Hugger t-shirt from Afrodits
Well, I’m a hugger, but YMMV


Vaccinated rainbow tee from Cosmic Rebel Shop

Shopping Bag Type Vaccinated t-shirt from Cosmic Rebel Shop
It’s been a pleasure serving you. Please enjoy your antibodies.


Rosie the Riveter style vaccinated tee from FunnyTshirtsUSA (lots of skin colors/hair colors available)

Rosie the Riveter style vaccination t-shirt from FunnyTshirtsUSA
Lots of skin colors and even hair colors available. Even a men’s design with…Rob the Riveter?


Vaccinated: Thank You Science sweatshirt from Typically Vulgar

Vaccinated: Thank You Science sweatshirt from Typically Vulgar
Love this to pieces


Vaccinated AF tee from Shauneil Tees

Vaccinated AF t-shirt from Shauneil Tees
The way I see it, by the time AF is totally out, hopefully we’ll all be vaccinated and won’t need a tee.

Vaxxed Tee from Xpression Tees

Vaxxed t-shirt from Xpression Tees
Simple, bold, and to the point. (Ha, point. Get it?) Lots of colors too.


Hottie with the Antibodies vaccinated t-shirt from Significant Printz

Hottie with the Antibodies vaccination t-shirt from Significant Printz
The perfect tee for your hot girl summer

Pfizer Alumni 2021 shirt from Spunky Pineapple Co. (Also available in Moderna)

Pfizer Alumni 2021 vaccination t-shirt from Spunky Pineapple Co. (Also available in Moderna)
Let’s just say it: Big Pharma came through.


Team Fauci tee from Shauneil Tees

Team Fauci vaccination t-shirt from Shauneil Tees
“Say you’re vaccinated without saying you’re vaccinated”


Fully Vaccinated...You're Welcome tee from Xpression Tees

Fully Vaccinated, You’re Welcome t-shirt from Xpression Tees
Hey, we should all be thanking each other, right?


Here’s to all of our under-12s getting their safe vaccines soon, so they can get back to life too.