Those ads for Ruggable have been popping up in my Facebook and Instagram feeds for ages, but it wasn’t until their Star Wars line of rugs debuted that I finally gave in and bought one. In my defense, the designs are super cool! And subtle enough that our house doesn’t look like a glorified dorm room. (Well, aside from the stray pizza crusts.)

Ruggable brags that their rugs are machine washable, stain-resistant, and “spill-proof.” Which is a tall order in any home, but especially in one with two kids under five. So I gave in. Which you’ll see below.

Ruggable Star Wars Collection: Look closely and you'll see the Rogue Squadron

Look closely and you’ll see the Rogue Squadron!

Since purchasing my rug, several friends have asked me if they’re really as great as their ads make them out to be. Also, whether that’s Luke Skywalker straddling tauntaun on our kitchen floor. (Yes, yes, it is.)

So as part of our Damn You, Social Media Ads series, in which we buy and try the products showing up in our social feeds — and yours — I thought I’d give you my honest review.

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Ruggable Rugs: Are They Worth It?

First, about Ruggable

Ruggable started out by offering rugs in one type of fabric, chenille, which is a soft and very low pile textile that they call their “signature.” This is the one I have.

The rugs come in basically every rug style imaginable, from traditional to gemoetric to Moroccan to pop culture. They come in all sizes, from runners to area rugs to round rugs and everything else. Now they’ve expanded into other textures, like plush (high-pile), re-jute (natural woven), and outdoor.

But the big selling point is that all them can be washed in a washing machine.

Are Ruggable rugs really that great? We bought one to try it out and here's what we thought | shown here: Moroccan Ornate Plush rug, part of Ruggable's new high-pile collection.The Moroccan Ornate Plush rug

Here are the product claims Ruggable makes on their site:

Machine Washable: Fits in a regular-size washing machine
Stain and Water Resistant: Made from polyester with a polyurethane water-resistant barrier
-Low Pile and Lightweight: Only 1/8″ thick
Interchangeable: Can be used with any same-size Ruggable Rug Pad
Made to Order: Consciously made upon order to reduce waste

As far as “interchangeable,” you should know that Ruggable sells their rugs as a two-part system, which includes both the rug and a pad to hold it in place. You get to choose from the classic pad or a slightly more expensive version with cushioning.

Ruggable also collaborates with brands like Disney and Star Wars for some extra cool designs. I’m currently coveting their new Mandalorian collection. (The Child Black and Cream Ruggable rug shown at very top.)

Ruggable: The pricing

Ruggable Damali Rug

This 5×7 Damali rug is $299

First, let’s clarify that these rugs are not all quite as cheap as you might think from an Instagram ad — though in fairness, all rug prices seem to increase exponentially with size.

If you just need a small entrance rug, the 3×5 Ruggable rugs are just over $100. However a living room sized 8×10 signature Chenille area rug at Ruggable will cost you around $400 to $500 — even more for the branded rugs.

So while it’s not as expensive a handwoven, imported Persian rug, let alone a high end rug from a department store it’s not like what you’d get from a big box store either. And it’s definitely not a throw-away rug at all! In other words, I don’t want to just toss or donate if it gets really stained.

That’s also why the idea of a washable rug is really appealing.

The challenge: A high-traffic floor with kids and pets

Before I let you know my Ruggable results, I’ll let you know what our Ruggable rug is up against, traffic-wise.

The Star Wars collection from Ruggable: Our review

The Star Wars Toile Blue print from Ruggable

I ordered a Ruggable runner (2.5’x7 or 2.5×10″ is available) for our kitchen in this Star Wars Toile Blue print (above), which was $169. We have a four-year-old, a toddler, a cat, and two adults. We also live in a neighborhood with a lot of new construction, which means mud abounds and often gets tracked into the house. I cook a lot, my kids tend to wander around when they snack, and well, let me just stop here before I get too confessional about my lackluster cleaning habits.

You get it. The “stain-resistant” promise wasn’t going to be the easiest one to deliver on in our house, but it’s one I was counting on. 

Ruggable: Do they actually wash well?

The Ruggable rug actually is easy enough to wash. I popped it into the washing machine, added detergent and a little bit of an oxygen bleach brightener. So yes, it really is machine washable.

After drying, the rug looked, well…sort of clean?

Some areas of the rug had regained their creamy color, while other areas looked just as dirty as before. I’m not sure why the results were so mottled, and I’m guessing that if I had given it a second or third wash, it may have looked more consistently clean. Or if I had applied a spot cleaner before washing.

But I was trying to fairly test Ruggable’s implied claim that their rugs come out of the first wash looking like new.

Which, no.

My results with Ruggable


Our honest review of Ruggable rugs after buying one: Here's my Ruggable rug after about a month of traffic.
Before washing: This is after a month or so of use


An honest review of Ruggable rugs: This is my Ruggable rug shortly after I washed and dried it.

Ruggable after machine washing

To give you a little more perspective

Ruggable: The verdict 

While I love their designs, in mind Ruggable didn’t fully live up to all its claims. While it is definitely machine washable, my rug was not all that stain-resistant, and it certainly wasn’t spill-proof.

Our experience with Ruggable rugs: Are they really washable as promised?


I also want to point out that “lightweight” has its drawbacks — I do find hard to vacuum between washes, because the rug itself keeps sucking up into my vacuum, instead of just the crumbs. This definitely made it hard to clean between washes. This is probably not the case with a larger area rug, to be fair, but if you’re looking for a lightweight, smaller rug or runner, it’s good to keep in mind.

If I had to do it over again, I would have opted for a pattern other than an off-white rug for my heavily-trafficked kitchen. I still think this particular pattern could look great in a bedroom or office. But generally, lighter color rugs are hard to maintain and keep clean when you have kids, pets, or lots of company (if you’re doing that these days) — and in my experience, Ruggable was no different than any other in that sense.

Next time, I’d probably choose a darker-toned rug for a high-traffic area in my home. And as for their new line of plush, high-pile rugs? I’ll save that style for my empty nester years.


Our honest Ruggable machine washable rug review | Shown here: Ademi Paprika Red Rug.
The Cambria Ruby Rug is a more traditional style at Ruggable — and maybe more sensible for kids and pets.

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