Several months ago I stumbled on the work of the non-profit group Bloom Family Designs on a friend and fellow adoptive-mom‘s Instagram feed. This organization creates beautifully designed rooms for adopted and foster kids — at absolutely no cost to the families. In fact they recently designed an incredible teen hangout space in my friend’s home that was later featured in People magazine, and it’s absolutely stunning.

So when Bloom’s director Melissa called me a few weeks later to tell me that my daughter had been chosen for a room makeover, no strings attached at all,  I was genuinely geeking out.

When my editor Liz saw the results on my own Instagram feed, she called me and said, “you have to write about this organization!” And I said I’d be delighted. Because we both know that you all have such big hearts, and this is such a uniquely important group that could use some more attention.

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Bloom Family Designs: Why it’s so meaningful

Free room makeovers for adopted kids and foster families by Bloom Family Designs

Teen room makeover for adopted kids by Bloom Family DesignsThese are examples of other rooms they’ve helped to design

I’ve learned that so many organizations focus on providing much-needed help to families during the pre-adoption stage, like grants or fundraising support. But the post-adoption stage, while thrillingly wonderful, can also be really hard.

Kids don’t always adjust smoothly.

In my own case, parenting a child with special needs through the isolation and disrupted routines that COVID created has been challenging — and honestly, more exhausting than I’d ever imagined. So an organization like Bloom Family Designs, which provides families with a respite through a redesigned space for a child makes a really meaningful difference.

How the service works

When first I spoke with Melissa about my hopes for Maggie’s room, we chatted about her autism and the fact that she’s non-verbal, which would need to be considered in her room design. I’m so impressed with how Melissa created an Instagram-worthy space that, most importantly, is highly functional for her autism therapy.

Melissa thought of absolutely everything as you can see here.

An organization system for Kate's daughter's room makeover for adopted kids by Bloom Family Designs
Isn’t this just the pinnacle of beautiful, functional organization?

What you can’t see is that she even sourced donated mattresses and bedding from Casper for my other kids, so they wouldn’t feel left out of all the redecorating fun.

Now, when I walk into may daughter’s bright, beautiful bedroom, I just take a deep breath and smile. It instantly brightens my mood and it’s just perfect.

Plus, of course, my daughter loves it!

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The Little Partners play gym is great for PT sessions in this room makeover for adopted kids by Bloom Family Designs.

My daughter’s  new room includes this swing to help my daughter address her sensory needs; toys organized in bins and labeled with visual images that we added to her talking device; and a foldable climbing triangle from Little Partners to enhance my her PT therapy sessions.

How you can qualify for a free room makeover…or support Bloom Family Designs’ work

Bloom Family Designs is based in Nashville, but they’ve expanded into cities including metro New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Chicago, Tampa, Dallas, and San Antonio as well as Tyler, TX, Greenwich, CT, and Scottsdale, AZ.

You can nominate a family to receive a room makeover in one of these cities, if you have someone in mind.

If you want to find a meaningful way to support families post-adoption, you can also donate to this amazing effort, or even volunteer your time as a designer if you have skills you can offer.

Trust me, as a parent who’s received one of their rooms, this is an incredibly significant gift. And I plan to keep nominating other families and volunteering my time and resources to help Bloom keep making happy moments for other adoptive and foster families too.


Free room makeovers for adopted kids by Bloom Family Designs.