When Kristen wrote a viral post last week about wearing crop tops over 40, in response to a conversation with her daughter, the comments from our readers were so inspiring, we knew we wanted to discuss body positivity further on Spawned.

Interestingly, we each have slightly different takes on what makes us comfortable, and how we talk about bodies, aging, and clothing. We imagine you’ll identify with one of us, both of us, or hey, maybe you fall somewhere in the middle. This is tough!

Take a listen now for a frank, open, relatable conversation about owing our shapes (especially as we age), why we think we “can’t” wear certain things, words we’re trying to avoid around our kids, and why we might want to lose the word “flattering.”

Plus, we have some expert tips on how to talk about bodies and clothes with our kids, so we can model healthy thinking for them too.

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A few links from this week’s episode:

– Our interview with Virgie Tovar on body positivity and self love
– The Today Show article on Kristen’s original Instagram post on @coolmompicks
– Liz’s post on finally getting into a bathing suit  and going in the pool. (Thanks, MiracleSuit)
Why we should rethink using the word “flattering” by Jodie Layne, for Bustle
Liz’s theory on “passing the hot baton” (even if Marlo Thomas disagreed with her!)
Jordan Shapiro, and why we love him.
– Our cool picks of the week: Liz’s roundup of the best summer camp care package gifts; and Kristen’s new favorite cosmetic: The L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara Primer gives serious boost to her lashes. h/t to the ladies of The Selfie Podcast for the reco.

On talking to our girls about clothes, health, and body positivity | Cool Mom Picks parenting podcast #spawnedshow

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