With the recent news of the York Central School District book ban (only just a few hours from where Kristen lives, by the way), we thought it was important to re-share this amazing episode with the delightful, brilliant Meena Harris. She’s an activist, strategist, mom of two, and now, author of the children’s books, Ambitious Girl and Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea.

Ambitious Girl by Meena Harris: Our new favorite picture book to help girls claim their power

The new picture book Kamala and Maya's big idea: A wonderful children's book based on a. true story from Kamala and Maya Harris's childhood

Even though YCSD overturned their ruling, hundreds of school districts across the country are trying to do the same thing. In fact, just one school district over from where Kristen lives (PS: What’s up, Pennsylvania?) has already banned books and terms and a whole bunch of things that celebrate differences in people.

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