Looking for a fabulous gift for an athletic kid this year? I’ve got you! Whether your teen can hit a three-point shot from half court, or your grade schooler is still trying to fling the ball high enough to touch the net, the next Lebron James or Sue Bird will get extra flair on the court with one of these colorfully designed basketballs from LA-based Chance Athletics.

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the classic orange Spalding ball that we’ve played with all our lives, I know a lot of kids who would really love to show off their moves with these high-design basketballs.

Or even better, a kid who might be inspired to get on the court for the first time.
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Assortment of cool Chance Athletics basketballs for kids

Rest assured that Chance’s rainbow-striped Juicy basketball, the flower-power Bloom basketball, tie-dye unity themed UNI basketball, orange camo Pascal basketball, and more, all all do everything you want a basketball to do: Bounce consistently well, provide a solid grip against the hand, and hold air. Kids will just look cool doing it.

But there’s even more about the company that I really love.


The Chance light-up volt basketball

Chance Athletics’ co-founder Joyce Kao is quite the force. As a woman in the male-dominated realm of athletic gear and equipment, her goal is to make sports accessible to everyone who wants to play, no matter their age, gender, or ability.

She also brings her background in socially-conscious, pioneering companies like TOMS and Patagonia to the basketball court with Chance Athletic initiatives that support organizations dedicated to giving kids safe and fun places to play. Like Boys & Girls Club and Crossover Basketball.

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Why we love Chance basketballs -- an incredible gift for athletic kids (or wanna be athletic kids) of all ages

I also like that the company collabs with artists like Jor Ros to develop the BODHI Recycled Basketball (below), made of 80% recycled rubber.

With its traditional Japanese Drama, or doll face, on the ball, the image represents perseverance — something you can explain to your little dribbler when explaining why they should absolutely not throw the ball in frustration when they miss the backboard.


Recycle BOHDI basketball by Chance Athletics is designed by artist Jor Ros


As we’ve mentioned with KAOS soccer balls, it’s nice to see companies recognize that all kinds can still play hard, even with a ball emblazoned with rainbow stripes or flowers that shows off their personality. And if a basketball like these can encourage even one “I’m not good at sports” kid to go out and have fun playing with friends, even better.

In fact, maybe the specialness of these basketballs means kids will even take better care of them and won’t mix them up with their friend’s ball down the street.

Besides, why should sneakers get all the style on the court?

Juicy basketball come in sizes 5-7 with loads of designs. Find them on the We Are Chance website, on Amazon.com, and at Target.com in the design that really speaks to your kid. Though don’t be surprised if they start alerting you to new must-have designs all the time!