When Lisa asked us for cool non-candy Halloween gift ideas for her tween/teen nieces and nephews, I was on the case! I checked with my own Halloween-loving but decidedly…particular tween and teen to see what kinds of things they would think are cool.

I mean, of course they said “candy, duh Mom.” And you can always hit Spirit Halloween or your local Halloween store for creepy decor, animatronics, wigs, face paint, and other decor.

But here are some other non-candy Halloween gift ideas we thought were pretty cool too. These are perfect for parties, kids with allergies, or just kids who think they’re too cool to dress up (sigh) but want to celebrate Halloween anyway.

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This post updated for 2021

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Non-candy Halloween gifts for tweens and teens: Pumpkin bath bombs

Pumpkin Pie Bath Bombs ($8, Grem Bath Lab)

Bath bombs are still hot with both boy and girls, and so of course a cool Etsy boutique went ahead and made a cute pumpkin pie — and sweet vanilla– version! (Note this shop has been updated since original posting)

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Cool non-candy Halloween gifts for tweens and teens: Skull robot beanie hat from nununu

Skull Robot Beanie Hat ($17 on sale, nununu)

Like what could be cooler than a skull or a robot? A skull robot! This new pattern is part of the nununu fall/winter collection and looks great on this gender-neutral hat they’ll wear long after Halloween. And hey, if you really want to splurge, you can also get it on sweatpants, leggings and tees, plus a super cool unisex vest.


Non-candy Halloween treats: Graveyard set | Tattly

Halloween Temporary Tattoos (Prices vary, Tattly) 

Though you can find Halloween-themed temporary tattoos everywhere, we’ve long loved the illustrations from independent illustrations on Tattly tattoos, perfect for hard-to-impress tweens and teens.  With everything a giant black beetle to a cartolina skull and crossbones to a friendly ghost, kids will be covered. (Ha.)

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Cool Halloween gifts besides candy: I smell children and other Hocus Pocus pencils

Hocus Pocus Pencil Set ($7, Smart Pants Paper Co)

To go with this fabulous Hocus Pocus doormat, perhaps?


Black skull nail polish from Blackheart Beauty makes a cool non-candy Halloween gift

Blackheart Beauty Cursed Black Nail Polish ($4, Hot Topic)

We’ve also seen this in local drugstore chains by the way. Black nail polish is always cool, but the skull bottle makes it extra awesome as a Halloween-gift. And if you’re not dealing with a nail polish kid? A tray of good face paint is always welcome in any Halloween-loving home, with both boys and girls.

Funko Pop Nightmare Before Xmas collection: Cool non-candy Halloween gifts for tweens and teens

Funko Pop Nightmare Before Christmas Figures ($10, Amazon)

My teen is obsessed with Funko Pop figures of her favorite characters, and I think Sally, Jack Skellington, Vampire Teddy, and Dr. Finkelstein all make perfect non-candy Halloween gifts that kids will love.


3D printed skull planter from Meow3D: Cool Halloween gifts for cynical tweens and teens

Gothic 3D-Printed Skull Planter ($14, Meow3D)

We own a planter from this cool little Brooklyn shop and we love it. Next on our list: this cool skull which, come to think of it, might be cool for my own little tween pumpkin, especially with so many colors to choose from.

Spider Necklace: Cool non-candy Halloween gift for older kids from Charm Philosophy Gifts

Spider Necklace ($16, Charm Philosophy Gifts)

This one is named “Nope” based on an internet meme in which people renamed animals — but if spiders are a YES for you, you can get the box made without it.

Non-candy Halloween gifts for tweens and teens: Rat soap on Etsy

Creepy Rat-Shaped Soaps ($6.25/ea, Audrey E Apothecary)

Don’t worry, they smell like blank amber, clove and nutmeg — not rats. Note if the shop is sold out, they have some pretty cool skull soaps too.

Non-candy Halloween gifts for teens: Walking zombie cookie cutter

Zombie Cookie Cutter ($15, The Fussy Pup Amazon storefront)

This set of cookie cutters from Undead Fred are sure to yield cookies more delicious than brains. Or…are they? BWAHAHAAHAHA


Cool non-candy Halloween gifts for tweens and teens: Acrylic Pumpkin Decorating Marker Kit

Acrylic Paint Marker Set ($12 and up, Amazon)

Permanent markers are such cool non-candy Halloween gift, because they’re perfect for pumpkin decorating, and drawing projects of all kinds — on rocks, on wood, on ceramic, on canvas. Great Halloween gift for crafty kids.


Cool non-candy Halloween gifts for tweens and teens: Your favorite Stephen King novel

Your Favorite Stephen King Book (Varies, Amazon)

Are they finally old enough for It? Or Carrie? Or Pet Sematary? Or Salem’s Lot? Or The Shining? Or Misery? Or Night Shift? (Can you tell I’m a super-fan?) Then gift it! PS The books are all still better than the movies. Fight me.

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