Who here’s a fan of no-carve pumpkins for Halloween? As someone whose toddler definitely shouldn’t be anywhere near sharp objects, I’ve become a staunch convert. And as someone who doesn’t always get to my Halloween pumpkin until the last-minute, it beats spilling all those pumpkin guts.

These pumpkins look adorable on a front porch without gunking up your sidewalk or causing tears of rage because the Darth Vader stencil you attempted looks more like Jabba the Hutt.

Plus, many of them can be done with the help of small children with household objects you already have lying around. Fellow last-minute parents, we’ve got you covered!

Top image: Thumbprint pumpkins at Handmade Charlotte | Marbled no-carve pumpkins at Bliss Makes 

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No-carve pumpkins for Halloween: DIY rainbow spider pumpkin | A Bubbly Life

Toy Spider No-Carve Pumpkin 

It doesn’t get much easier than this DIY rainbow spider no-carve pumpkin at The Crafted Life. Just paint a pumpkin white and go! The pops of color will really stand out among all the au natural pumpkins on the block. Because rainbow is the new orange?

No-carve pumpkins for Halloween: Creature no-carve pumpkins | A Small Snippet
Creature No-Carve Pumpkins 

Costumes for your pumpkins? But, of course! We first found these no-carve creature pumpkins from A Small Snippet in a roundup of 16 creative no-carve Halloween pumpkin ideas and it’s so cute! I especially love the spider and the baby owl. These are very doable for kids, and the site even offer templates for making eyes and ears and you know, bones. A mall

No-carve pumpkins for Halloween: Thumbprint no-carve pumpkin | DIY Charlotte

Thumbprint No-Carve Pumpkins

If you’ve got younger kids who want to participate but don’t have the skills for fine details yet, check out this wonderfully creative thumbprint design no-carve pumpkin at DIY Charlotte. You can let kids do the finger painting, then draw the cactus, pineapple, or pumpkin (so meta!) details on later, or they can even turn the prints into little cats or ghosts. Yay teamwork.

Teal pumpkin decorating ideas: Faux Stitched Pumpkins by U Create for Eighteen 25

Teal Pumpkin “Cross Stitch” No Carve Idea

If you’re on Teal Pumpkin in support of kids with allergies then extra candy for you! We put together 8 creative teal pumpkin decorating ideas last year you’ll want to check out, including this faux cross-stitch teal Halloween pumpkin from Eighteen25 that’s super easy, thank to Kari from U Create Crafts.  We think her idea for mixing your teal pumpkin in with grays and blacks really makes it pop, too.

No-carve pumpkins for Halloween: A Bubbly Life | DIY flair no-carve pumpkin

Patches No-Carve Pumpkin

I think we can safely call this cool DIY flair no-carve pumpkin from A Bubbly Life, the definitive Millennial Pink Pumpkin. It’s definitely not skimping on flair, which Office Space fans like me will appreciate. As for kids, I think they’ll have a blast pasting these patches at random so click over for her tutorial.

No-carve pumpkins for Halloween: DIY Paint Pen Pattern No-Carve Pumpkins | Lovely Indeed
Sharpie Patterned Pumpkins

Chic, minimalist patterns can be fun for older kids and tweens to create and hey — perfect for last-minute pumpkin! Which is why we’ve covered so many Sharpie pumpkin decorating ideas in the past. These DIY Paint Pen Pattern No-Carve Pumpkins at Lovely Indeed are among my favorites. Love the geometric shapes and winking eye motif. Check the site for her easy 5-minute DIY tutorial.

No-carve pumpkins for Halloween: DIY marble no-carve pumpkins | Bliss Makes

Marbled No-Carve Pumpkins 

I love the effect of this cool DIY marble no-carve pumpkins at Bliss Makes. While it’s a fun last-minute pumpkin decorating idea, it will require some clean up, and the pumpkins need to dry overnight. Still, you’ll save time on technique. Just pour and enjoy.

No-carve pumpkins for Halloween: Tattooed no-carve pumpkin | Tattly
Tattooed No-Carve Pumpkins 

Leave it to our friends at Tattly to put together a tutorial for making tattooed Halloween pumpkins using their fun temporary tattoo designs. To make them more sophisticated, try using their metallic tattoos. Just know this is a gateway craft, and next thing you know, your kids may ask to pierce their pumpkin, too.

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No-carve pumpkins for Halloween: Geometric no-carve pumpkins | A Kailo Chic Life

Geometric Shapes No-Carve Pumpkins 

I like that Kara at A Kailo Chic Life borrowed some mid-century patterning for these cool geometric no-carve pumpkins, but still made them look thoroughly modern. Save this tutorial for the slightly older kid who’s steady-handed with a paintbrush, or let younger kids do the base color while you help with the stencil.

No-carve pumpkins for Halloween: No-carve tissue paper pumpkin | Young House Love
Tissue Paper No-Carve Pumpkin

We’ve got 13 no-carve pumpkin ideas that are fun for young kids, and among them, this no-carve polka dot pumpkin. At Young House Love, Sherry demonstrates how fun and easy it was for her toddler to Modge Podge sheer tissue dots to bring it all together and I am so impressed with the result — but more so, how much fun her daughter is having. Take a look at her great tips for this one.

No-carve pumpkins for Halloween: Zentangle Pumpkin | Club Chica Circle
Sharpie Zentangle No-Carve Pumpkin

I’m all about letting kids go wild with doodling on their pumpkins. Even if the end result (and we’re not super concerned with Instagram-perfect results here at Cool Mom Picks) doesn’t come out as beautiful as this one from Club Chica Circle. However she manages to make her Zentangle Pumpkin look amazing, even with its mismatched, quirky design, and has tips that I’m totally willing to follow if mine will come out even close to hers!

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No-carve pumpkins for Halloween: Sand art no-carve pumpkin | Design Improvised

Sand Art No-Carve Pumpkin

OMG, sand art! And pumpkins! Together! This sand art no-carve pumpkin from Design Improvised totally takes me back to my childhood. You’ll need to plan ahead and visit your local craft store for colored sand, but the results look totally worth it to me. If you’re in need of an even more last-minute idea, check out her brilliant no-carve cupcake liner pumpkin hack. So smart!

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