As one of three sisters, I was naturally excited to get my hands on Spectacular Sisters: Amazing Stories of Ssters from Around the World, by Aura Lewis. I’ve been having so much fun revisiting some of my favorite sister stories, while also learning about some amazing sisters I’d never heard of but am so glad to be acquainted with now.

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Spectacular Sisters by Aura Lewis: What a terrific gift book for a sister or someone you love like a sister

The book brings to life heavy hitters like the Williams sisters, the Brontë sisters, and Kamala and Maya Harris. But it also introduced me to some amazing new (to me) sisters, like the six (six!) Azmi sisters, who play field hockey in their hijabs and advocate for girls’ rights. And the Podgórska sisters, who hid and sheltered 13 Jewish people in their attic during the Holocaust.


The Alcott sisters are some of my favorite sisters in Spectacular Sisters by Aura Lewis.

One of my favorite things about the book is that, while it does celebrate sibling love and support, it also doesn’t shy away from the messy parts of having a sibling, like jealousy and competition; think Jackie Kennedy and her sister, Lee Radziwill. It also describes how early celebrity can force some sisters — like Mary-Kate, Ashley, and Elizabeth Olsen — to work extra hard to define themselves as individuals rather than living in one another’s shadows.

Spectacular Sisters book is a lovely reminder that no matter what the relationship looks like, that sisters are always a gift.

Even when they steal your hairbrush.

Find the new Spectacular Sisters at Amazon or support your local booksellers. The book is recommended for tweens in the 8-12 range, but I think it would be a terrific present for your own sister, or maybe even some younger sisters in your life.