While some of us (including Kristen and myself) are rejoicing about the approval of the Covid-19 vaccine for kids 5-11, we know that a lot of parents still have questions. As you should! This is our kids we’re talking about, and as parents, we research everything — car seats, bike helmets, mattress fill, artificial coloring — so this is no exception.

We’re thrilled to be able to talk to board-certified pediatrician Dr. Preeti Parikh. to get answers to parents’ top questions about the Covid-19 vaccine and kids. Dr. Parikh practices at NYC’s esteemed Westside Pediatrics, is an Associate Clinical Professor at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, and works as a spokesperson for the AAP. She’s also the Medical Director at GoodRx, who’s graciously sponsoring this week’s episode.

Plus, she has 11-year-old twins! So we’re grateful she could make the time to answers our questions.

Answers to parents' top questions about Covid vaccines + kids, from Dr. Preeti Parikh in partnership with GoodRX Health

We cover parents top questions about the Covid vaccine and kids, like: 

– How do we really know the vaccine is safe?
– Why does the vaccine seem like it was developed so quickly?
– Was the vaccine development and approval “rushed?”
– What do we know about long-term effects of vaccines?
– Are kids really at a lower risk of contracting or passing on Covid than adults?
– What does it mean when we hear that a vaccine is “90% effective?”
– Can you get the flu and Covid vaccines together or is it better to space them out?
– Is there any benefit to waiting a bit to have your child vaccinated?
– Is there any child who should not consider getting the vaccine?

We hope you’ll take a listen to this informative and reassuring conversation with Dr. Parikh.

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