If you’re looking for some cool, truly unique personalized gifts for kids, we totally understand. It’s an easy way to make a holiday gift extra special — and it doesn’t have to cost a lot either. That extra personalized touch really makes these gifts stand out.

That said, if you do want to buy a personalized gift for kids, it’s time to jump on it now! Because while the 10 hot toys of the year that we shared here may be flying off shelves, these are the gifts that take a little longer to make in the first place.

Rest assured, there is often wiggle room; if you think you may be cutting it close, contact the seller (especially an Etsy maker, and we have a lot of them here) and you can always try expediting your shipping. You’ll pay more, but it may be worth it compared with the stress of checking your delivery status every day.

Don’t ask me how I know this.

20 of our favorite personalized gifts for kids in 2021

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Personalized hot cocoa mug for kids

Personalized gifts for kids: Hot cocoa will taste sweeter in their own personalized holiday mug from Petaled

It’s finally hot cocoa season! For stellar (and affordable) personalized gifts for kids, we’ve found these personalized hot cocoa mugs — put their name on it and and maybe they won’t hide it under their bed once they’ve finished drinking. (This isn’t just my kid, right?)

 Mugs come in many different designs and sizes, including one with a lid for you-know-who. (We call her “Jillian.”)

Make this even more of a treat by including some of my favorite Trader Joe’s organic hot chocolate packs and peppermint marshmallows for a ready-to-drink gift. (from $16.80, Petaled)

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Fun personalized book with up to three names

Personalized gifts for kids: Personalize this new Wonderbly book with up to three names

If you have kids between the ages of 4-10 who really, really get into a great story, take a look at this latest title from CMP favorite Wonderbly. We fell In love them years ago when they launched their original Lost My Name personalized gift books and their latest title, Where Are You? Save the Multiverse! ups the ante on a creative story with such detailed personalization in Marija Tiurina’s illustrations that your child really feels like they’re in the story.

Even better: you can now include up to three names inside! Maybe it’s your three kids, or your child and their grandparents. Or maybe it’s three besties who are inseparable. ($34.99)

Personalized name block necklace from a favorite independent artist

Cool personalized gifts for kids: This alphabet name necklace from artist Peggy Li is a great gift for tweens and teens

Favorite California jewelry artist Peggy Li makes this personalized Alphabet Name Necklace and it’s such a nice combo of sweetness and sophistication. Not too expensive, but definitely not junky costume jewelry, I love how the small pastel alphabet blocks look on the sterling silver or gold-filled chain. Buy a single strand or double as shown above. ($49+, or a little less with an ultrasuede cord)

A personalized gingerbread house for one kid…or more

Unique personalized gifts for kids: A personalized gingerbread house with their name on it

We know kids love treats of all kinds around the holidays, and getting a ready-to-eat personalized gingerbread house with their own name on it makes it extra special. Of course we’re always looking for gifts you can send to multiple siblings at once — engrave it with the family name like say, “Refford Kids” and they’ll love you forever. ($69.95+, Williams-Sonoma, different styles available)

Personalized worry stones to help ease anxiety

cool personalized gifts for kids: A modern take on "worry stones" -- your words of encouragement custom engraved by Heidi J. Hale for kids to carry around to ease anxiety

A lot of kids have struggled with anxiety this year, so we love the idea of these personalized handwritten message Worry Stones from Heidi J. Hale. It preserves your words forever. Crafted of fine pewter, I can think of so many people who would love this gift, especially when they are facing a challenge or having a bad day. Perfect size for stashing in a pocket, under the pillow, or tucked into a backpack. (on sale for $25 or add $20 for two-sided engraving)

Cool personalized photo puzzles for kids

Personalized gifts for kids: Insert your own photos in this personalized Peekaboo Photo Puzzle from Familiar Faces Toys

Curious toddlers will love the surprises they’ll find behind the puzzle pieces in this Personalized Montessori Peekaboo Photo Puzzle from Familiar Faces Toys. Look how cute that baby is, they’ll think, all while they learn to use their tiny fingers to lift up the pieces and fit the different shapes into their correct slots.

Since toddlers love looking at themselves, an entire array of cute expressions is perfect, though it’s easy to switch out photos for pics of the grandparents, pets, or favorite babysitter. Suddenly the puzzle becomes new again! ($65)


Minted personalized puzzles for kids makes a great holiday gift

Alternately, kids who are getting old enough to tackle real puzzle pieces will love these personalized photo puzzles from Minted — a great source for photo gifts we’ve shared for many years. I adore this colorful firetruck design from Alethea and Ruth which includes your child’s face and name across the front of the fire truck, though there are lots of designs available. Plus puzzles can be cut to have 12, 60 (shown above), or 252 pieces.  ($42)

A colorful personalized name sign for their bedroom wall

Personalized gifts for kids: This cool acrylic name sign from Pottery Barn Kids comes in lots of colors

A personalized name sign that looks as much at home in a baby’s nursery as well as a high-schooler’s bedroom? This simple and striking personalized acrylic name art  is bold, bright, and simple enough to make that transition.

Maybe they’ll even take it to college. Sniff.  ($89, Pottery Barn Kids)


Personalized Star Wars aprons for your entire fleet


Cool personalized gifts for kids: These custom Star Wars aprons featuring their favorite charactersIf your kitchen has the energy of the Mos Eisley Cantina, you’ll love these personalized Star Wars aprons from Williams- Sonoma. With pockets in which to sneak broken Wookiee Cookies, they featured several of the most-loved characters in both adult and kids sizes — though the little BB-8 is just for kids. Which makes sense when you consider the droid’s size.

Get several, andhoose who in your family will be on the Rebel Alliance vs. the Galactic Empire –but no food fights, please.  ($9.99-$39.95  personalization extra)

…and maybe some personalized, kid-sized wooden baking tools

Personalized gifts for kids: This kid-sized personalized wooden baking set from A Few Spare Moments

If you’re looking for a personalized gift for kids who are always trying to help in the kitchen, they may love their own kid-sized utensils, like this personalized 3-piece baking set. Each beechwood piece has room for a name on it, along with a special image on the wooden spoon — like a rainbow as shown above,  browse all the styles including a construction truck, unicorn, or owl. ($29.95+ as shown from A Few Spare Moments on Etsy; also available individually)

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Rainbow-swirl personalized name crayons

Cool personalized gifts for kids: rainbow personalized crayons handmade Art2theExtreme

A true classic gift, Art2theExtreme makes affordable and rainbow-hued personalized name crayons that we’ve recommended in gift guides for years. They come beautifully packaged, whether you’re sliding this into a stocking or putting under the tree. While you’re at it, you may still be able to grab one of their amazing Advent Calendars before December 1st. ($15.96+)

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A personalized basketball that’s court-ready

Cool personalized gifts for kids: A personalized basketball from Sports Customs in tons of colors -- great gift for an athlete

We’ve seen some personalized basketballs that come with instructions that say: Not for play. Say what? This personalized Wilson basketball from Sports Customs on Etsy is not only cool looking, it’s made to hit the court. I love this gorgeous pink color which really pops, though your b-baller may prefer the striking black-and-gold personalized basketball instead. Either way, you can be sure they’ll come home with their ball. ($62.99)

A personalized AirPod case for the kid who’s not getting a second pair so fast if they lose them

Personalized AirPod cases from Crafts and Splinters are a great holiday gift to help kids keep track of their AirPods

If you have more than one AirPod– wearing person in the house, you’ll know why these personalized AirPod cases from Crafts and Splinters are so needed. Choose from 10 colors with 11 different lettering options, making it much easier for me — uh, you —  to know which kids’ room you need to put it in when you inevitably find it in tucked into a couch cushion or on the floor of the car. ($16+)

A personalized galaxy robe

Unique personalized gifts for kids: personalized galaxy robe from Lands End

Do we get to use an out of this world joke for this personalized fleece galaxy robe from Lands End? Ha, too late. There are some great solid colors too — and even a tie-dye. And the prices are…well, you know.   (Regularly $44.95, but the sales prices are amazing right now)


Personalized retro gamer glasses

Personalized retro gamer glasses: cool holiday gift!

No, not VR glasses –these are actual glasses. Which isn’t to say you can’t use your Oculus 2 VR headset while drinking a milkshake out of these wonderful  personalized retro gamer glasses — but don’t spill the milkshake. And definitely not on your gaming equipment.  ($32/ea, Uncommon Goods, with discounts for 2 or more)

The cutest personalized kids’ purses

We're loving these adorable personalized flamingo (or cat, dog, or dino) purses by Aha Aha Moments

Whether they prefer to carry their little trinkets in a beautiful swan purse or spiky dinosaur purse, the personalized crossbody animal purses from Aha Aha Moments are ridiculously adorable. Personalization is on the back side of these cuties so as not to mess up their fluffy “feathers.” And the price is fantastic for such huggable cuteness. ($29.99 with personalization; dog, cat, unicorn, and other cute styles available too)

Personalized 7-color gamernight light

Unique personalized gifts for kids: This Gamer nightlight from SnobsGifts

Your kid’s gaming system may have to be shut down by 9, but their personalized game controller night light by SnobsGifts will keep them from getting lonely in the dark. Find other designs too including unicorns and rocket ships, which have made our list of favorite custom gifts in the past because they are awesome. Clearly gamer gifts don’t just have to be….more games. ($28.14+; fast shipping from UK but order soon!)

Personalized Marvel superhero sleeping bag

Cool personalized holiday gifts for kids: A Personalized Marvel superhero sleeping bag for your superfan

Even superheroes need their rest at a sleepover, and hopefully the personalized Marvel superhero sleeping bag from Pottery Barn Kids will remind your child to get some zzzzz’s. Perfect for the kid who loves Marvel comics and would flip to see this under the tree. ($109)

Personalized Montessori screw board rocket ship toy for little tinkerers


Cool personalized gifts for kids: This Montessori style screw board rocket ship for little tinkerers

Redirect little tinkerers with this cool personalized Rocket Ship “Screw Board” toy from Rainbow Ranch Workshop. Not only will it keep busy hands occupied, it’ll teach them how to remove and reattach a variety of screws which is a great skill to have (and one I may need to practice).

Though you may want to set some ground rules so you don’t come home one day to find all your kitchen cabinets on the ground. Kids learn fast. ($82 personalized)


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Bright–and super affordable–personalized hair clips

Personalized hair clips from Mona Craft Shop make lovely and very affordable holiday gifts!

Adorable and affordable, these nicely made personalized acrylic hair clips from Mona Craft Shop make a perfect stocking stuffer for kids. Grab a few colors—there are 11 from which to choose!—so they can match their clip to every outfit. ($6.50 each)