As we close out the year (phew, what a year it’s been, we wanted to devote our last episode of Spawned 2021 to cool picks of the week. Holiday style.

Whether you still have time to grab one last-minute, or you want to bookmark them for holidays, and other celebrations  in the coming year, take a listen to hear what we’re loving and why, and find all the links below to our our favorites.

1. The facial care products including the Soft Peel Exfoliator from Aloisia Beauty

2. The Dolly Parton Jolene “welcome” mat

3. Hygge gifts that Christina discovered, including the heated throw blanket (Liz loves hers!) and a few favorite scented candles.

4. The hilarious (and useful!) mute button for Zoom calls, in our roundup of wonderful tech stocking stuffers.

5. The new memoirs from Dave Grohl and Mel Brooks, which you can grab from your local bookstore.

10 of our editors favorite holiday gifts this year | cool mom picks / spawned podcast

6. Great British Baking Show winner David Atherton’s new cookbook for kids + a pair of our favorite elbow-length oven mittens that helped us get our kids in the kitchen more.

7. A relaxing subscription gift like the Calm app, Audible, or Libro FM.

8. An experience gift like a MasterClass course that someone can take alone or together with you. Lots of ideas for that right here.

9. The personalized basketball we tracked down in this guide for personalized gifts for kids of all ages — maybe pair it with some courtside WNBA seats?

10. DEFINITELY not least of all, please consider a gift to any charity that’s close to your heart — we’re especially noting Donors Choose right now. Because kids need a whole lot of extra support at school these days, and caring teachers shouldn’t be going through awful things to scrounge for the money to pay for their student’s basic supplies.

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