This week, I was really happy to get to sit down and chat with Amy Koppelman, director, writer, and producer of the recent film A Mouthful of Air starring Amanda Seyfried and Finn Wittrock. It’s based on on Amy’s critically acclaimed novel inspired by her own struggles with postpartum depression 20 years ago.

We talk about how mental health issues are still stigmatized (and yet simultaneously, depression is romanticized in movies, go figure) — and how we can seek help if we’re suffering. It’s a candid, thoughtful conversation, and I love that she sees both how far we’ve come since she first wrote the book, and how much women still need recognition and support when they’re suffering.

I also value her important reminder that people who seem to “have it all” — yes, even Instagram influencers or gorgeous Hollywood actresses — may be struggling too.

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Important resources if you’re struggling with mental health including postpartum depression

The March of Dimes
Postpartum Support International
The Maternal Mental Health Alliance
NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Health) and their helpful state-by-state guide to local resources and support
Project Healthy Minds

If you need help now, you can text 741741 for free, 24/7 crisis counseling.

Amy Koppelman, director/writer of "A Mouthful of Air" on destigmatizing postpartum depression | spawned podcast 268

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You can catch A Mouthful of Air streaming and through Video on Demand.

A Mouthful of Air: an honest look at postpartum depression based on the critically-acclaimed novel by Amy KoppelmanImage: Sony Pictures


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