Calling all chaos Muppets, order Muppets, and general fans! LEGO is launching a new line of Muppet Minifigs, including some of our most favorite and iconic Muppet friends. Kermit! Grover! The Swedish Chef!

And yes, my personal favorite, Miss Piggy, plus a few more.

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We're so excited for the new LEGO Muppet minifigs, including Kermit!

As a certified Muppet nerd who’s spent an inordinate time reading about Muppet Theory and listening to podcasts like Best Muppets, Ranked Ruthlessly (justice for Miss Piggy, who’s cruelly relegated to 8th place here), I’m especially excited to get my hands on these and to introduce them to my kids (the true chaos Muppets, let’s be honest).

Each minifig bag comes with one “mystery accessory,” and a collectible leaflet in addition to the minifig itself. I think these would make a fun gift for someone who wants a little desk companion or for a kid who can incorporate them into their LEGO play. Or just anyone who needs a little Muppet fix to tide them over until the next Muppet movie.

The new Muppet Minifigs launches May 1, and you can find them on LEGO’s website.