I could not be more excited that LEGO just announced a new LEGO Queer Eye set featuring The Fab 5 Loft that’s coming out October 1.

(No pun intended. Seriously I just caught that on the re-read.)

haven’t been this excited since they came out with the Women of NASA set. I mean, the wardrobe alone!

The 974-piece Queer Eye set will recreate the original loft, so you have a place for minifig Bobby Berk, minifig Tan France (who’s a little less mini when you factor in that gorgeous silver shock of hair), minifig Antoni Porowski, minifig Karamo Brown and minifig Jonathan Van Ness, to work together making the world kinder, more inclusive, more fun, and certainly more fabulous.

Oh, and Bruley the dog is in there too along with all kinds of Easter eggs, evidently. Like a Yaaas Queen print for the kitchen, that features a hidden message in the brush-stroke art. And no, Yaas Queen is not played out when JVN is saying it.

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The new Queer Eye LEGO set coming Oct 1!

While the set is made for adults, I imagine a whole ton of teens and tweens would love to have a set featuring their favorite show.

We always love sharing new toys and products that celebrate kindness, inclusion, creativity and play — and when they all come together, even better.

I can hardly wait to see what’s on Tan’s clothing rack, or in Jonathan’s salon area. And just putting this out there, LEGO: if there aren’t some avocados for Antoni, I will be truly disappointed.

You can find the LEGO Queer Eye set  starting October 1 via the LEGO website and specialty retailers. Just go ahead and set your alarm for midnight September 30. and get ready to hit refresh a lot. This is going to be a hot ticket, hon-ay.

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