This week’s Spawned podcast guest, Roo Powell, is the perfect person to help us with tips and advice for keeping kids safe online. She’s the co-founder of SOSA (Safe from Online Sexual Abuse) and has put her child advocacy skills to use by…disguising herself as a young girl and working with police to trap predators in online spaces.

Tips for keeping kids safe online: From Roo Powell of Discovery's Undercover Underage. She helps law enforcement trap would-be predators by going undercover herself
Image: Discover Plus

That work is part of the Discovery Plus docuseries Undercover Underage, which was just renewed for a second season. Roo’s story is nothing short of fascinating — and actually more encouraging than you might imagine. In fact, she’s all about empowering parents and caregivers to offer the compassionate support that our kids and our communities need.

Take a listen for an honest, surprisingly (to us) non-alarmist perspective about child predators, online safety, grooming, and the other subjects that we can’t help but worry about as we send our kids out into the world. Or just onto a video game server.

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Cool Picks of the Week 

Roo: These travel sized bottles are a must-have for bringing your own lotions and soaps with you when you travel.

Liz: This Audio Technica turntable is the perfect first turntable for a vinyl-loving teen, fairly affordable… and alsohappened to be her daughter’s 15th birthday gift! (Turns out Roo has one too!)

Kristen: This Neutrogena Moisturizing Color Stick is giving her lips all the hydration it needs with a pop of sheer color…and is way cheaper than the fancier designer versions that promise the same benefits.