There is so much good reporting these days, so many good op-eds, so many independent journalists and bloggers and substacks worth reading these days and I thought I’d share a few of the articles I’ve really found fascinating lately. I tend to read a lot about parenting, education, politics, entertainment, fashion, technology, healthcare — you name it! So I hope you like these too.

By the way, I can’t always get to every article that pops up in my social feeds right at that moment as I see it. I tend to use the Pocket app for bookmarking, categorizing, and saving articles I like and want to share, or those I want to return to later.

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What I’m reading this week:

What School Anxiety Dreams Teach Us About Ourselves By Jessica Grose, NY Times.
I can’t be the only one who still dreams about having to go back to high school, but forgetting my locker combination, right? (This is an article for subscribers to On Parenting — absolutely worth your time!)

Maternal Instinct is a Myth that Men Created By Chelsea Convoy, NY Times
“The notion that the selflessness and tenderness babies require is uniquely ingrained in the biology of women…was constructed over decades by men selling an image of what a mother should be, diverting our attention from what she actually is and calling it science.” Whoa.

“Mahsa Amini: May Her Memory Be a Blessing and a Catalyst” By Roxanne Gay, The Audacity Substack
The tragic story of the 22-year-old woman who was beaten to death by Iran’s literal “Morality Police” for wearing her hajis incorrectly — and how we can channel our outrage into action.

Health Panel Recommends Anxiety Screening for All Adults Under 65 Emily Baumgaertner, NY Times
A panel of medical experts recommended for the first time that all adult patients under 65 are screened by their doctors for anxiety — driven by the skyrocketing stress levels around the country since the start of Covid.

Who’s Who in Westeros: A House of the Dragon Character Guide By Sean T Collins, Vulture
Very helpful. At least for me!

Stop Cooking Chicken in Nyquil, FDA Begs in Response to Social Media Trend: By Amanda Cooser, CNET
It’s hard to believe this has to be said, but…

16 Black Designers to Know from New York Fashion Week By Dominique Norman, Bustle
I always love discovering new and new-to-me designers to keep my eye on.


Count on Mothers; A new digital tool to help aggregate your views on the issues that impact our familiesCount on Mothers


Count on Mothers
I’m excited about this new digital tool designed to unite and anonymously survey moms from around the country, to help impact change around the issues that impact our families. That includes those I write about a lot here, like paid parental leavegun safety, environmental issues, reproductive health, mental health and more. (Also, It was started by my old friend and classmate Jenny Bransford, so I know it’s legit!) They’re on  Instagram too.

Worldwide Wander / Creative Mornings Global Event
Looking for a little inspiration and activity? Check out the virtual Worldwide Wander on Sept 22-23, in collaboration with our friend Tina Roth-Eisenberg of Creative Mornings. Choose one 90-minute “magical walkshop” leg in this 24-hour long global relay, all right from home over Zoom. Or, do it from mobile on a walk of your own.It sounds amazing!