Is a messy desk a sign of a messy mind? Is organization something we just have to give up for a while as parents? Is a single, perfect whiteboard the key to solving all your time management woes? Sarah Hart-Unger of the podcasts Best Laid Plans and Best of Both Worlds joins me today to share the tips I really needed — and maybe you do too!

Take a listen to learn about her “nested goals” approach, advice for list-making, organization vs prioritization, gender imbalances in time management, the joy of whiteboards — and even finding some peace in the chaos.

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Sarah Hart Unger's tips for time management and organization : Spawned Parenting Podcast

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Top Photo:
The whiteboard and notepad organizational system from Erin Condren. It’s not quite the white boat Sarah’s been using for years, but she loves her selection — look around!

Sarah’s Cool Pick of the Week: for all her favorite planning “toys” and helpful gadgets.

Liz’s Cool Pick of the Week:
The Parents of Adults Substack from longtime CMP friend Asha Dornfest. Be sure to read her article, Knowing Them Less.

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