It can be hard putting together cool Easter baskets for teens and tweens. While our youngest kids may be content with a stuffed rabbit and a basket full of candy-filled plastic eggs, I’m excited to treat my three kids with some cool Easter gifts for teens that they’ll actually be psyched to see in their Easter basket. With price points from just a few dollars to more splurge-y gifts (if that’s in your budget), we think you’ll get lots of ideas for Easter gifts for teenagers who are still kids at heart.

Or at least in our minds.

But hurry! Easter is early in 2024 — March 31! Be sure to check shipping times before placing your order. – Christina, with Liz

Above: Easter Coffee Cup Gift Card Holder from the Sunny Paper Studio;
Zombie Bunny Handmade Plush from On the Creepy Side

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Easter Baskets for Teens: Start with the Basket

Unicorn Easter basket for teens and tweens

Ideally, you want a basket that they’ll use again or be happy to display on a shelf. There are a lot at Target, including this cute unicorn Easter basket that I know one teen girl in my life will love. But for a teen boy, or just a kid who’s not so into pink: Consider a basic basket spray-painted in matte black.

Easter Baskets for Teens: Toys and screen-free fun

Even if your teens seem pretty content scrolling TikTok all day, they may appreciate a good reason to put their devices down.  Here are a few fun ideas to keep their hands and minds busy.

Easter baskets for teens: Zombie Bunny Easter Plush handmade by On the Creepy Side / Etsy

Zombie Bunny Handmade Plush
If your teen is still into the idea of a Squishmallow for Easter, have at it! But we’re partial to these amazing handmade creepy zombie Easter bunnies from an amazing Oklahoma City artist. Dawn will even personalize them with your teen’s name — or browse her shop for mini versions and a lot more. ($12.99 and up, on sale for a limited time, On the Creepy Side)

LEGO rose building kit: Easter basket gifts for teens and tweens

LEGO Rose Building Kit
It’s not just a sweet floral-themed LEGO building kit that’s perfect for a teen’s Easter basket, when they’re done they can display it on their bookshelves or desk. Sweet! ($14.97 on sale, Walmart)

Easter baskets for teens: the FNAF Chica or Toy Bonnie Funko Pops are perfect for Easter if your teen is still into the game!

FNAF Funko Pop Figures
If your kids are still into FNAF like ours, a Chica or Toy Bonnie Funko Pop are a clever way to stick with the classic ducks and rabbits for Easter gifts, only…very very twisted. The originals are a fortune but these new tie-dye editions are fantastic too. ($14.95, Amazon)

Easter baskets for teens: Speks magnetic fidget balls are perfect gifts!

Speks Magnetic Balls and Fidget Toy
Speks are little desk accessories that our teens love to squish and fidget with while they hang out with friends, watch Netflix, or tackle their AP bio homework. As long as they’re old enough to keep them out of their mouths, it’s a very cool Easter basket gift idea. You mostly see these at specialty toy stores and museum shops, but we tracked them down online at Barnes & Noble. ($34.99)

Uno: Special Museum of Graffiti Edition. Cool gift for teens!

Museum of Graffiti special edition UNO deck
While any new card game makes a great Easter basket gift for a teen, we’re kind of in love with this special edition of UNO for kids with a thing for street art. ($34.99, Museum of Graffiti)

Pastel gouache paint set: Easter basket gifts for teens and tweenns

Pastel Gouache Paint Set
If you’ve got an artist on your hands, put some new art supplies in their hands, via their Easter baskets. You can’t go wrong with colored pencils, brushes, and these pretty gel pens, but this paint set in beautiful pastel colors for spring is pretty great. ($23.99, Amazon)

Wordle board game: Amazing gift for teens!

Wordle Party Game
Our love for Wordle is still going strong, and our teens are into it too! Why not take it offline with this super fun party game? ($19.89, Target)

Peeps Plush - so cute for Easter baskets for tweens and teens!

Official Peeps Plush
If your kids do still love sleeping with their plushies, you can’t beat this for a classic Easter gift. Choose from blue, yellow or pink. And they’re BOGO half-off, should you need to buy two…or more.

Bath & Beauty Easter Baskets for Teens

Walk the aisles or scroll through the pages of your local Target, Walmart, smaller specialty shop or neighborhood drugstore, and you’ll find loads of affordable health and beauty items that make great Easter gifts for teens. Here are a few favorites:

Easter baskets for teens: Easter bunny-shaped shower steamers from RelaxAway Essentials

Easter Bunny Shower Steamers
Busy teens may not have time to soak in the tub, but they can get an invigorating aromatherapy session in the shower with one of these best-selling bunny-shaped shower steamers in your chooice of three scents. The eucalyptus should wake them up before school. ($14.95, RelaxAway Essentials)

Easter egg-shaped makeup sponges come packed in this cute container: Great teen Easter basket gift!

Egg-Shaped Beauty Blender Sponges
The packaging of this set of six makeup sponges makes it so perfect for a teen’s Easter basket, provided they’re into makeup. And you know, blending.  ($20 at Beauty Bakerie Store on Amazon)

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Peeps shaped bunny hand soaps: Easter gifts for teens

Peeps Shaped Bunny Soaps
Our kids swear they’ll never be too old for cute soaps shaped like their favorite Easter treat, in all kinds of sweet scents they love. Great Easter gift for teens under $15.  ($12.50, Bella Gracie Co)

Other Bath & Beauty Easter Basket Ideas for Teens:

Quick-drying nail polish in fun spring colors
Cool hair accessories
Their favorite lip balm
– Any cosmetics or skin care goodies they love

Easter Baskets for Teens: Accessories and Clothes

Easter baskets for teens may traditionally be filled with little toys and sweets, but how about an Easter gift they’ll be able to wear all year long? Maybe start with this as a main gift, then add some candy as a bonus.

Easter baskets for teens: Goth bunny shirt from Julie Fitzgerald on Etsy is a fun Easter gift for boys. Or kids of any gender, really.

Goth Rabbit T-Shirt
We know it can be hard to find cool Easter gifts for teenage boys, and this goth rabbit shirt from an NC-based artist would be a big hit that our kids — of any gender — would wear year-round. ($34.40 on sale, Julie Fitzgerald Art on Etsy)

Mean Girls Sock Set: Cool gift for a teen or tween's Easter basket

Mean Girls Sock Set
If you’re a cool mom (WE HAD TO DO IT) you might not be able to make fetch happen, but you can make your teen happy with this affordable 5-pack of Mean Girls socks. ($14.99, Claires; plus save 15% sitewide with code LUCKY15 through 3/17/24)

Crocs Jibbitz make cool Easter basket gifts for teens and tweens - love the gummy bears and the new 3-D creatures!

Crocs Jibbitz
If you’ve got a Croc-loving kid like we do, don’t sleep on Jibbitz as a fun, affordable Easter basket gift for kids of all ages. The Gummy Bear Jibbitz are perfect for a non-candy treat, or try the clever new 3-D Jibbitz that seem to jump out of their shoes.  ($4.99 and up, Crocs)

Bad Bunny Vintage-Style Shirt: Creative Easter Basket Gift for Teens

Bad Bunny Vintage-Style Shirt
Want to get creative with a teen Easter basket gift? Done. ($18.46, KilGoing on Etsy)

Floral monogram trinket dishes at Anthropologie under $15!: cool Easter basket gifts for teens and tweens

Floral Monogram Trinket Dish
If you’ve got a teen with more traditional tastes, these affordable floral trinket dishes are so perfect for popping your earrings or rings at night. Monogram with their initials — and you’ve got a wow Easter gift for just $15. Tip: Visit the site, click on “gifts” and sort from price from low to high and you’ll find a ton more great ideas like this one.($14, Anthropologie) 

Techy Easter Baskets for Teens

Of course we can’t share a gift guide for teens without including some gifts that acknowledge their digital lives, right?

Pastel phone cases for spring from Burga: great Easter gifts for teens

Spring Phone Cases
We recently shared some favorite stylish tech accessories from Burga and our Cool Mom Tech readers went wild! They’ve got wonderful styles in spring colors for every kind of phone, earphone, and even affordable AirPods cases. ($34 and up, Burga)

Easter gifts for teens: A pastel colored splash-proof Lexon Bluetooth speaker. Iconic

Lexon Splash-Proof Bluetooth Speakers
Great timing in advance of summer pool parties, this now iconic little Bluetooth speakers don’t mind getting splashed as they blast your kids’ latest playlist. Really special gift for a teen’s Easter basket. Choose from a dozen colors to best fit their unique style. ($59.90, Amazon)

These affordable Bluetooth sports headphones get great reviews. Cool gift for tweens and teens

Occiam Wireless Bluetooth headphones
Great price and reviews for these pastel-hued waterproof sports earbuds. Comes in pink, blue, and green, and of course black, in case you want to grab a different one if you have a few Easter baskets for teens to put together. ($29.98 on sale, Amazon)

Easter Egg gift card holder: Perfect for teen Easter baskets if you're buying a gaming gift card or a few bucks towards Starbucks

Easter Egg Gift Card Holder for Gaming Credits
What are great video games filled with? Easter eggs! Help your teen find a few with a gift for gaming credits. A one-month XPass Game Pass Ultimate is perfect for XBox or Windows players, or pick up a gift card for Playstation, Nintendo, or a specific game like Fortnite or Roblox. ($6.50, The Sunny Paper Studio)

Creative Easter Treats for Teens

Whether you are filling Easter baskets with goodies or sending a care package to college, make sure you include treats among your Easter gifts for teens. The big-box stores of course are helpful: Try Target’s Easter candies under $5 section, grab their favorite jellybeans or Easter-themed chocolates from a local pharmacy, or indulge your teen with one of these creative ideas.

Easter candy with a twist: A Sugarwish lets them pick their own favorites, which later arrive in the mail!

A Sugarwish That Lets Them Choose Their Own Treats
Teens can be particular, which is why we’re such big fans of sending a Sugarwish. They get a text or email notification, then pick their own cookies, candies, popcorn, savory snacks and more — whatever you choose to send. Send a small one with 2 treats, or go very very big.

Bunny James Easter gift bags are made to be allergy-friendly: Choose from gluten-free, vegan, organic, and more

An Allergy-Friendly Easter Bag of Snacks
A cute bunny bag comes pre-filled with treats for anyone with particular tastes or specific allergies. Check out their gluten-free, vegan, and diabetic options, along with themes like healthy treats or all-jerky. Reminder that Easter baskets for teens and tweens doesn’t have to have an actual basket! ($14.99 and up, Bunny James on Amazon)

Allergy-friendly chocolate Easter bunny from No Whey Foods: Easter baskets for teens and tweens

Allergy-Free Chocolate Bunny
What’s Easter without a chocolate bunny! Kids with allergies should be able to have one too, and No Whey! Foods makes theirs vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free. Also, he’s hilarious. ($14.95, No Whey! Foods on Amazon)

City Bonfires' S'mores Easter Pack will bring campfire fun to your holiday.

A S’mores Easter Bonfire Gift Set
Why wait until beach season for s’mores! This Easter-themed s’mores pack will give your teen with a sweet tooth something fun to do with friends besides eating candy together. ($37.95 at City Bonfires)

Dylan's Candy Bar's Spring paint can of treats is a great Easter gift for teens.

Happy Spring Candy “Paint Can”
Why settle on just a couple of candies when the Easter Bunny can leave your teen a bunch of treats? Check out all the ideas in Dylan’s Candy Bar’s Easter collection, which are all extra colorful and delicious. But hurry — the popular ones sell out early!
($20 at Dylan’s Candy Bar)

Reeses Pieces Easter Packs: Perfect for teen Easter baskets

Reeses Pieces Easter Gift Packs
Hey, sometimes the basics are just the best. Buy extras — like the Easter Bunny, they’ll be gone before you know it.
($1.49, Target)

Easter coffee cup gift card holder on Etsy: Cool Easter baskets for teens

Easter Coffee Cup Gift Card Holder 
If your kid would rather pick out their own treats, a gift card for their favorite pizza joint, burrito chain, bubble tea place, or coffee shop is a welcome addition to an Easter basket for teens and tweens. If it’s coffee they love best, this is a wonderful way to present it! There are lots of patterns too. ($6.50, The Sunny Paper Studio)