With Easter around the corner, I’m thinking about how I’m going to fill three Easter baskets and dozens of plastic eggs safely and finding Easter gifts from the drugstore is a smart way to do it.

First off, we love ordering Easter gifts from Etsy that helps support small businesses. So there’s still time to do that if you hurry! But for the little Easter Basket gifts and egg-fillers that you’d normally pick up around your neighborhood, your best best is to find things while you’re already at your local supermarket or drug store.

(While wearing a face mask and practicing safe distancing of course!)

So to help me — and you! – I’ve put together a BIG shopping list of more than 50 creative Easter Basket gift ideas for kids of all ages, that you can pick up at your neighborhood drugstore the next time you run in to pick up a prescription or a carton of milk.

Or, if your drugstore offers curbside pickup or delivery, save yourself a trip inside the store by ordering online. You can also use Instacart for stores like CVS. Be sure to tip really really well!

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50+ creative Easter basket gift ideas from the drugstore or pharmacy | cool mom picks


Easter Basket Gift Ideas from the Drugstore Beauty Aisle

The best drugstore Easter basket gift ideas, like EOS lip balm which already look like colored eggs!

1. Lip balm For both girls and boys, of course. EOS lip balms are perfect for this holiday because they look so much like Easter eggs! But if you can find one with a sweet scent, like Vanilla Burt’s Bees, you’re in good shape too. Also check Aquaphor lip repair; no frills, but it works really well.

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2. Colorful hair elastics or scrunchies  Keep their hair tamed in between haircuts…the the next salon visit may not be until June.

3. Drugstore makeup Even though my teens aren’t wearing much makeup these days, some fun new colors or products would be a treat. And a single lip gloss or inexpensive tube of mascara will make a new-to-makeup tween or teen swoon for days.

4. New makeup tools Freshen up their stash with some new brushes, sponges, an eyebrow pencil sharpener, or new tweezers.

The best drugstore Easter basket gifts include colorful Essie nail polish

5. Spring-hued nail polishes Add some nail polish remover wipes, too, so they can change their polish as often as they want.

6. Mani/Pedi supplies like files, cotton and orange sticks. Maybe even enough to play “do mom’s nails at the bathroom salon?”

7. Body sprays or perfume Do a sniff test in the store to make sure it’s not too strong…we’re all in close quarters these days.

8. Temporary hair color/ hair chalk It’s a perfect time boys and girls  try out a new temporary hair color. Hey, why not!

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Easter Basket Gifts Ideas from the Drugstore Personal Care Aisles

The best drugstore Easter basket gifts such as sweet-smelling Toms of Maine bar soap

9. Hand soaps Always be washing!  But for an Easter Basket gift, make it a hand soap that feels a little special; ideally something that smells great and is gentle on their skin. (I like Tom’s Orange Blossom Natural Beauty Bar, above.)

10. Dry Shampoo Hey, older kids still want to look good for their TikToks and video chats and Zoom lessons, right?.

11. Travel-size hand sanitizer If you can find any, that is. It’s quite the hot item as you may know.

12. A cool new toothbrush Younger kids love fun new toothbrushes! Older kids may not be as amused.

13. A good hand cream. After so much hand washing, this is another fun but practical Easter Basket gift idea. Check the travel size section.

14. Shower gels Pick out scents they’ll love, even if cotton candy isn’t your top choice.

The best drugstore Easter basket gifts for boys and girls like YesTo Tomatoes Face Masks

15. Face masks You’ll find fun, safe, gentle options for both boys and girls from YesTo Tomatoes.

16. Bubble baths and salts There’s now plenty of time for long baths, so make them special.

17. A massage ball or roller Great for older kids or uh, evening massages for Mommy after dinner.


Easter Basket Gifts Ideas from the Drugstore Health & Medicine Aisles

The best drugstore Easter basket gifts for kids include Oilogic Nighttime and Sleep Essential Oil

18. Essential oils for better sleep Give them sweet-smelling dreams with something like Oilogic’s natural essential oil for kids or a small 3-pack of essential oil roll-ons.

19. Gummy vitamins Yummy and good for you! 

20. Cough drops If you can find the ones that taste like caramel apple or strawberries and cream your kids will love you.

Therapearls cute and soothing cold/heat pads are some of the best drugstore Easter Basket gift ideas

21. Cold (or hot) soother A fun soother like the Therapearl’s Children’s Pal would look super cute peaking out of an Easter basket; and it’ll make any bumps and bruises feel better too.

22. Cool Band-Aids Spiderman and Hello Kitty can make every boo-boo heal faster.


The best drugstore Easter basket gifts include a DIY kit to make these adorable bunnies from PagingFunMums.com

23. Cotton balls & Q-tips Fill a baggie with cotton balls, Q-tips, along with a couple of craft supplies, so your kids can craft these adorable DIY Cotton Ball Bunnies from Paging Fun Mums. Perfect for Easter!


Easter Basket Gift Ideas from the Drugstore Office/School Supply Aisle

Colorful Sharpie markers make some of the best drugstore Easter basket gifts

24. Colorful markers, Sharpies, or crayons If your kids haven’t hit “Sharpie” age yet, definitely stick with the washable markers! As for crayons, you can give the big box — or  break open the pack and tie up little bundles of crayons by color with a ribbon to fill up the Easter Basket, if you’re feeling moderately crafty.

25. Watercolor paints and brushes Easy to use and easy to clean up

26. Clip-on LED reading light Since they’re staying up late already. they might as well be reading.

27. Colorful rubber bands Or, if you’re extra lucky to find it, a rubber band ball!


Creative Easter Basket gift ideas from the drugstore: Activity books, coloring books, sketch pads and blank journals

28. Activity books, sketch pad, or blank journals A word search or cross word book can keep the kids busy long after the egg hunt. Sketch books always come in handy. And journaling is such a great activity right now.

29. Safety scissors Liz still talks about how it was her then four-year-old’s favorite stocking stuffer, even more than the chocolates and toys.

30. Highlighters, new pens, mechanical pencils Think of them as “Back to (Home) School Supplies”

31. Paperback novels With so many libraries and book stores closed, you may luck out here with a bestseller they haven’t read.

32. Magazines Celebrity news, cooking, outdoors, or sports — .there’s bound to be a topic perfect for your older kids’ Easter Baskets.

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Easter Basket gift ideas from the drugstore: Small electronics and gadgets like this ELF selfie light

33. Phone charging cables and phone accessories You may find a portable battery pack, or a big score: An ELF selfie light

34. A new phone case. Keep those gadgets protected! They’re getting a lot of use these days

35. A mini Bluetooth speaker At home dancing = PE, right?

36. Inexpensive earbuds These are a great Easter Basket gift idea for kids of all ages. Because when they just can’t find their ear buds in the house, a backup will be a lifesaver.


Easter Basket Gift ideas from the Drugstore Toy Aisle

Crayola sidewalk chalk makes one of the best drugstore Easter basket gifts

37. Sidewalk chalk For hopscotch, driveway murals, or sweet notes on the sidewalk for your neighbors to see as they pass at least 6-feet away.

38. Old-fashioned toys Jacks, dice, Yo-Yos, a deck of cards are all generally available in drugstores.  Introduce the kids to your childhood (or their grandparents’) favorites.

39. Bath toys A rubber ducky, perhaps?

40. Mini race cars or toy figurines You may be able to find Hot Wheels, Minecraft figures,

Trading cards make a great Easter basket gift you can find at your local drugstore

41. Trading cards decks like Pokemon, Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh If your kids are into them, this may be the most perfect Easter Basket gift filler you can get from a drugstore.

42. Bubbles A classic that has been amusing children — and dogs — for eons

43. Tennis Balls Not just for tennis! There are so many fun tennis ball games from our own childhoods. Remember how to play 7-Up against your garage door? In fact, any balls would be great right now, especially if you’ve got a backyard.

The best drugstore Easter basket gifts include this adorable Fashion Angels Sticker Book

44. Stickers and sticker books Great fun for little fingers, though even my teens would love this sticker book from Fashion Angels.

45. Jump rope Helping them burn off some of that jellybean-fueled energy.

46. A cute stuffed animal A little extra bedtime comfort may. be the perfect gift.


Drugstore Easter Basket Gift Ideas from the Drugstore Candy and Snack Aisles

The best drugstore Easter basket gifts include lots of delicious Lindt Easter chocolate!

47. Good Chocolates I mean, obviously, right? But I suggest you opt for something you would like to sneak after the kids go to bed. I’m partial to anything from Lindt.

48. Snack bags Grab their favorites — pretzels, chips, jelly beans, candy. If you’ve got multiple kids, write their name in it with a Sharpie so there’s no squabbling about whose gummi bears are whose.

49. Cookies Those mini boxes of cookies make a great treat in an Easter basket. Animal crackers are still a hit with kids, too.

50. Fun Easter candy, of course! Get as theme-y as you can with Cadbury Creme Eggs, Marshmallow Peeps, fruity jelly beans — the sweeter, the better. (But no black jelly beans, please)


Easter Basket Gift Ideas from the Drugstore Gift Card Display

The best drugstore Easter basket gift ideas: gift cards your kids can spend from home, like this STEAM video game card

51. Gaming gift cards Look for cards for Steam, Playstation, or Microsoft. Because gaming is a great way to pass the time with socially distant friends and we’re easing up on screen time limits these days.

52. Retail store gift cards Kids will enjoy shopping online for fun new clothes, toys, books or accessories

53. Restaurant gift cards Choose their favorite, especially if it’s not one you tend to frequent much as a family. You’ll be grateful to have a take-out option one of these days.

54. VISA or American Express gift cards No kid of any age will say no to spending “cash” online.

Top photo by ASHLEY EDWARDS via Unsplash

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