If you’re looking for a free recycling program for your Febreze cans, your teen’s EOS lip balm containers, your kids’ drink pouches, or even your teeth aligners, you’re in luck. I just found the ultimate list of brands that have recycling programs for hard-to-recycle waste streams, some of which you can’t just leave out at the curb with your newspapers and cereal boxes.

Best of all, it includes clear, simple instructions on how each one works — and it’s free!

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Free brand recycling programs: See all 137 popular brands and how they work at Terracycle

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How the free recycling programs from Terracycle works

Terracycle, the recycling program we covered when they launched a program to take back old cutlery and cookware, has evolved a bit over the past years. While the giant zero-waste boxes they offer now start at $105, they know that recycling shouldn’t just be for corporate environments, big apartment buildings, or wealthy households. So now, you can search among nearly 140 brands with individual recycling programs that I guarantee you will recognize.

They all work in collaboration with Terraclye, so you’ll need to join the Terracycle program. Then, grab any box (which is better for the environment than buying a new one), print a free shipping label and send it off. Free.

How to make this free recycling program work for you.

Honestly, this program seems most feasible for waste that you tend to “collect” regularly, like say Colgate toothbrushes and toothpaste or Biotrue contact lens solution and cases. Just stash the used products in a small box somewhere convenient, and when it’s full, mail it in.

Keep in mind that some of the free recycling programs are brand-specific — like say Babybel wax packaging or Brita filters — while others accept categories of waste products from any brand, like drink pouches. Smart for families like ours that can tear through the Costco-sized Capri Sun cartons.

Also note that some of the smaller brands, like Beekman 1802 (which I love!) are smaller and may have a waitlist. Go ahead and pop your name on there if you buy their products regularly.

My favorite though has to be the Nordstrom cosmetics recycling program. Because lord knows I buy enough cosmetics from Nordstrom! But even if you shop at Ulta or Target or your local drugstore? They’ll accept those too.

See the growing list of free recycling programs on the Terracycle website,