We’ve officially hit that stage of mid-April when the weather is warm everywhere, and we’re trying to get the kids to play outside more. While browsing for some cool new outdoor toys for kids, I came across an awesome program:  One of our favorite indie toy shops, Fat Brain Toys, just announced that throughout April, they’ll donate 10% of all purchases to plant 10,000 trees in support of the Arbor Day Foundation over Earth Month.

Shop their massive selection of outdoor toys  — or any toys and games at all on their site — and you’ll find some fantastic options for kids of all ages.

Here are just a few of my favorites:

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Cool outdoor toys for kids: Swurfer Bamboo Swing is also giving back in a big way for Earth Month

Christina and I have recommended the eco-friendly bamboo Swurfer for so long. Kids of all ages adore the snowboard feel of this cool swing.

Cool outdoor toys for kids: The Swingaring Circular Tree Swing from Fat Brain Toys The Swingaring is a smart circular tree swing — like everything kids love about tire swings, but without their bums falling into the hole in the middle so they need your help to get unstuck.

Cool outdoor toys for kids: The SkyNook is like a kids hammock meets swing meets cozy reading nook

The new SkyNook is a new exclusive and it’s super popular already. It’s a hammock-style swing for kids, and it doubles as cozy reading nook to get kids outdoors. And yes, they can use their Nintendo Switch in there too — but “Cozy Nintendo Switch Nook” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Visit Fat Brain Toys, and use code ARBORDAY at checkout. 10% of proceeds will go to the Arbor Day Foundation, with the goal of planting 10,000 trees around the U.S.A. Get free shipping on all orders over $99.