Calling all parents who have ever endured hours on a rock-hard stadium bench while attending their kids’ sports games. Or assemblies. Or graduation ceremonies. I discovered this portable, packable, reclining stadium seat on sale, and it’s a game-changer. (Ha.)

The seat is designed specifically for bleacher seats and benches, and it’s such a smart idea for sports parents and fans! The seat comes with a hook to keep it anchored to the bench (I was worried about falling backward TBH), and it offers decent cushioning and back support, which you’ll especially appreciate during games that go into OT. Side pockets are convenient for your Hydroflask and keys, and there’s a separate zip compartment for a phone — should the phone ever leave your hands.

And hey, it’s waterproof too. Because rain is one more thing parents and grandparents endure for our kids.

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Alpcour Sports portable, reclining stadium seat is comfy for bleachers, waterproof, and lightweight for travel : Perfect for sporrs parents and fans!

Alpcour portable, cushioned stadium seat for bleachers | Great find for sports moms | Cool Mom Picks

Currently, the portable stadium seat is available for more than 20% off with a limited-time coupon on Amazon, which is a better deal than other big chain stores where I’ve seen it. I think it’s a cool Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift, or gift for a college student who lives for Sunday football.

Oh, and according to the photos, it’s used a lot for camping and travel. Including, evidently, sitting comfortably against a tree and playing the saxophone in the woods. Why not.

Find the Alpcour folding stadium seat on sale at Amazon. Tip: users suggest it can be used for bigger bodies by folding down the adjustable armrests, though it does come in a wider size too.