Editors Best of 2007: Stationery and announcements


Birth announcements

Kristen: I have to pick Bird and Banner’s completely handmade custom invites and announcements. Their personal touch is the next best thing to making all 100 announcements yourself.

Liz: For totally custom, designed just-for-you announcements, the portfolio at Pink Dot Press will absolutely blow you away.

Custom stationery

Kristen: I love my Posh Peacock personalized note cards so much that I feel bad writing on them. At least I know that no one is looking at my terrible handwriting.

Liz: Maybe it’s cheating to call it custom, but when your kids take their Crayolas to the Color N Kids Cards, they truly make them their own in a way that a monogram doesn’t.


Kristen: Hooray for Three Wheels Design‘s six-packs of ready made cards. Good thing I’ve got lots of friends having babies this year.

Liz: I kind of like everything at Lucky Little Devils. Makes me want to be a better letter writer.

There are way too many paper goods for us to choose from. Check them out yourself.  

Cool Mom Staff

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