Month: November 2009

These limited edition vehicles really will go fast

To say my son was obsessed with toy cars, trucks, trains and planes when he was younger would be a major understatement, and I have six overstuffed bins to prove it. However, there are a few toy vehicles he’s collected over the years that are so special that they are set out for display (and play) and I wouldn’t be surprised if some ended up perched on his desk in his college dorm. The Playforever toy vehicle collection is that kind of special. When Julian Meagher, an award winning industrial designer, moved to the UK and turned his attention...

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Now that’s a push present.

I know it’s exorbitant. I know it’s indulgent. But when I saw the handmade solid gold globe charms from Heather B. Moore jewelry recently, I just fell in love. You can customize them with teeny diamond (or two or ten) in a spot you choose, which is just the most amazing way to commemorate the birthplace of a child, the city you first got engaged, or the country you’d love to visit one day had you not spent $13,325 on the globe. Okay, that’s the price for the large white gold charm shown here. The smaller ones start around...

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Stella McCartney for Gap Kids and Baby – we admit it, we’re fans

As it turns out, Target and H+M no longer have a lock on the lower priced clothing from high-end designers thing. We recently got a look at the brand new Stella McCartney for Gap Kids and Baby line, and the verdict is, many enthusiastic thumbs up. Don’t expect any super bargains here, or at least not until the end of the season – a gorgeous cashmere baby blanket will run you $98, and a lovely gray cotton-cashmere blend children’s cardigan with asymmetrical button detailing is $54. Although that’s still less than the $500 you might pay for the Stella...

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Hey foodies, your baby’s wardrobe is ready

Believe it or not, there are kids out there who eat more than spaghetti with butter sauce. Some eat spaghetti and tomato sauce. Some even eat things like (gasp) sushi – and one day I hope to count my kids among them. So I love the onesies from WonderToast found at eco boutique Greeno Bambino which allow you to proclaim your adventurous food allegiances on your baby’s chest. In illustrator and mom Anna Woltz’s clever alphabet (which come from the WonderToast coloring book), D stands for Dim Sum, G is for Guacamole, N is for Nigiri, and T is...

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Woodours bears – the one stuffed animal you might actually like as much as your baby

Personally I’m a fan of the Deglingos dolls, though I understand the quirky hedgehogs and crazy-eyed lobsters aren’t everyone’s cup of stuffed animal tea. But the brand new Woodours bears from the same French company, Ebulobo, I’d imagine will be irresistible to anyone. I’ve been excited to feature these stuffed bears ever since I found them at a trade show in the spring. They’re sort of a modern European take on the classic activity dolls that engage babies with squeaky bits, crinkly feet, teething pieces, vibration, and working pockets, but with great mismatched fabric accents and a cute, quirky...

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Busy mom tip – No time for notes, send postcards

Chasing after three young kids alone is a pretty good excuse for getting out of a lot of things, but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel guilty about it, in particular, my tortoise-speed ability to send any kind of snail mail note. So instead of giving up completely, I’ve taken to sending out postcards instead – like the adorable Menagerie postcards I found at Mary Kilvert’s Etsy shop. This sweet, whimsical limited edition book of 22 postcards is part of the “Girls Can Draw” collective (cool!) and features the artwork of eleven different female artists. They’re a smart and...

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Looking to donate that extra Halloween candy? (Your scale says yes, please.)

Like it’s not bad enough that my kids toooootally ignored the extra hour of sleep thing this morning, they also started their day (at 6:20 AM) by plunging headfirst into the piles of candy. We told them they could pick 7 pieces of candy to keep, and the rest of their Halloween hoard — or at least the leftover candy daddy doesn’t steal — they’re donating. Our associate editor Christina just turned us onto some great options for Halloween candy donation, and we thought we’d add a few more to the list: Operation Gratitude Operation Gratitude sends¬†care packages to...

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Baby slings with a story

I’d all but retired my baby slings with my youngest just turning one, but then I remembered how fantastic and handy slings are for toddlers (hello, hip carry!) thanks to Small Wish. It’s hard to go wrong considering the lovely fabric choices of their beautiful baby slings like my fave, the completely authentic African fabric sling (pictured), the careful construction, and the $39 price tag. Owner and mom Tracy Capobianco originally created these slings as a means to bond with her daughter, and is now setting aside a percentage of the profits to help with their upcoming Ethiopia adoption....

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They grow up so fast. Don’t take bad pictures.

Forget the baby monitor or motorized swing: what I really could have used when my kids were little was photographer and dad Nick Kelsh’s entertaining and smart new DVD, How to Photograph Your Baby, a companion to the classic book by the same name. If you have any idea what an f-stop is or took Photography 101 in college, this DVD is not for you. For people like me, though, How to Photograph Your Baby helps parents take gorgeous baby photos without the suggestion that you buy more expensive equipment. Kelsh comes across as a friendly college professor on...

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The Sisterhood of the Magical Pants, aka brilliant maternity jeans

Sure, you can spend hundreds of dollars to get maternity jeans from hip labels, but the cost is exorbitant and you end up wearing them for just a few months. (Or, hopefully just a few months.) I know there are more options around now than the ones with the panels that went up to my bra strap when I was pregnant, but still. Most maternity jeans do not make the wearer feel particularly hot. What if you could take your everyday, pre-pregnancy fave jeans and turn them into maternity jeans… and then turn them back into regular jeans, later?...

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