Month: June 2011

A green pacifier that doesn’t suck

Pacifiers, I had always thought, were for other people’s babies. My toddler never needed one when he was little. But then we had number two, a fussy little guy who needs some help in the soothing department. Luckily there’s a brand of rubber pacifiers that’s as good for the environment as they are for the little sprouts who suck on them. Made from 100% pure natural rubber from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree, Hevea pacifiers are free of PVC, phthalates, BPA and artificial colors. Not only are the pacis worry-free, they also look very cool, with cut-outs resembling stars, cars,...

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Starting solids with baby? – Reader Q&A

I am getting ready to start feeding my baby solids next month. With my daughter, I thought making my own food would be way too much work. Now, I have the time and would love to make my own food for my son. The problem is I have no idea where to start. What do I need to have to make it and store it? Are there any great recipe books out there? Any tips would be greatly appreciated. – Anna Hi Anna, I’m at the very same stage with my own son, so you asked his question at the...

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Geometry never looked this good

Six years ago I was introduced to modern jewelry designer Marjorie Victor and instantly fell for her sophisticated geometric designs. This NYC based artist launched her collection in 2003 and ever since, her name keeps popping up in places like Elle and Lucky. Marjorie claims it’s the frenetic energy of the big city that inspire her explorations in sculpted metal. The results? Beautiful and delicate organic pieces you will reach for over and over again. At least I do. The subtle variations from hand forming and hammering by Marjorie herself make each piece of her jewelry one of a...

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Gelato for those serious about their gelato. As in, me.

I always wonder if it sounds pretentious when my children ask for gelato or sorbet. But then I figure, eh. Better than asking for those nasty ice cream truck things on sticks. Which, uh, they also do. When you’re five, I guess anything cold, creamy, and made with sugar will do. In that spirit, I deigned to allow them to sample a few flavors of a delicious new gelato. That is, before writing MOMMY’S across the top in big black marker. Aw, remember when we thought that Häagen-Dazs  was super premium ice cream? No more. Talenti Gelato is rich,...

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5 picks you might have missed at Cool Mom Tech

Who’s number one? In our humble opinion, you are. Two can be a crowd, if those two are siblings, and they’re fighting over the last yogurt pop. Three is for bears, Musketeers, and Billy Goats Gruff. Four– or, really, fore– is what dad might be saying today on Father’s Day. And five is for these choice picks from the last week. But who’s counting? 1. Dr. Harvey Karp shared his favorite app with us. Can it help you have the #1 Appiest Baby on the Block? 2. Just the fax, ma’am. And the fact is that this amazing new...

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Cars 2 Review – The next Disney classic

If there’s any movie that my kids have been counting down the days to see, it’s definitely Cars 2, the long awaited sequel to the uber popular Cars movie that was first released when I only had one kid. Since then, we’ve watched it countless times, collected various iterations of Lightning McQueen and all his Radiator Springs gang, and wondered when are they going to make another one. Well, wait no more. The sequel is here, in 3D no less, and it’s definitely worth the wait. [don’t miss a fun glimpse at the red carpet after the jump] The...

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Magic mushrooms

I am an earnest, but distracted gardener. I have a garden box in my yard, one withholding lemon tree, and an egg carton (maybe) sprouting herbs on my windowsill. I’ve also grown a fungus or two, but it’s always been accidental and I never tried to eat them. That’s about to change. Back to the Roots is a sustainable, urban mushroom farm started by a group of friends in college, and their Easy-to-Grow Mushroom Garden couldn’t be easier. You can grow your own gourmet oyster mushrooms in as little as 10 days, right in the box. Just set it on a windowsill, mist...

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Hello, gorgeous

I am always amazed at how quickly bloggers–and especially mom bloggers–rally to support their fellow parents in need. One of those compassionate moms is CMP friend Christine Koh of Boston Mamas and the design firm Posh Peacock. Today, she took time away from her newborn to launch an exquisite set of greeting cards in memory of a friend. The Hello Gorgeous cards are, as I always say of my daughters, beautiful on the outside, but even more beautiful on the “inside” — 100% of the profits support the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund in memory of fellow blogger and mom...

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Want brownies, kid? Make them yourself.

Back when we first told you about the all-natural, nothing-yucky baking mixes from Kids Central Kitchen, we were already impressed. But they’ve gone and raised the bar. Or the snack bar?[don’t miss a sweet discount after the jump] Not that we were complaining before, but they’ve gone ahead and improved the mixes so they taste even better. Mixes for goodies like pancakes, energy bars and chocolate brownies are still made of whole grains, and never any HFCS or anything else you’d rather keep out of your kitchen (and your kids). My kids are old enough to bake these all...

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