Month: October 2012

Beautiful braille jewelry: understatement is always in style

If you knew me in person, then you’d know by the tattoo on my inner wrist that I’m a little obsessed with braille. (It’s my kids’ initials, if you’re curious). Now, I’ve seen some cool braille jewelry before, but these gorgeous, subtle pieces definitely caught my eye. LeighLuna creates beautiful custom braille necklaces–wonderful if you’re visually impaired of course, but if not, it’s a wonderful, subtle way to keep your kids close to your heart (without emblazoning their names across your chest in Comic Sans which can be read from 6 blocks away, for instance). Each brass pendant is created...

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7 smart tips for supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month the right way

October is here, which means Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In other words, prepare for the influx of pink ribbons on everything and loads of Facebook “awareness” memes on your wall. In the past, we’ve been happy to support great companies with their hearts in the right places who are donating a percentage to a reputable charity. But as this month has become more and more commercial (BCA fried chicken? Really?) and talk of “pinkwashing” abounds, here are a few things to keep in mind when you consider how to do some real good for a really important cause. 1....

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New moms rejoice! You can now dabble in diapers.

Finding the right diaper for your new baby can be just as difficult as finding the right jeans for your post-partum body.  Without naming names, I can still remember the popular brand of diaper that caused volcanic leakage that ruined my first baby’s cutest onesies. Another brand smelled funny. And yet another had tape that wouldn’t stick. $40 and three boxes of useless diapers later, I –like many moms–finally found the brand that fit my baby perfectly. Now, a new service makes finding the right diaper easier–and cheaper. Diaper Dabbler is a brilliant new way for new parents to...

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Buy a shoe, skate a ramp, plant a tree

I confess to an enduring love for all things skateboarding. Perhaps I’m just subconsciously clinging to my youth, but I still dig the style–especially when it’s sharp and functional. We found some cool kids’ shoes that are perfect for fall (eek, it’s October!) and encompass both features. {Keep reading for an exclusive CMP discount on these cool shoes…and the chance to do a little good too!} My latest skate-centric crush is the Kids Jameson 2 Eco from etnies. Don’t be fooled by the canvas upper and the gum sole–these shoes are built to ride, with plenty of sturdy support...

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