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Round up your kids’ toy horses into one of these 7 play stables

Want to round up those toy horses and ponies scattered around the playroom and put them into a proper stable? Whether your kids own one of the coveted, gihugic American Girl Doll horses or something a bit smaller, we’ve rustled up a few options for all kinds of ponies. Including one you crafty parents can make yourself. It can be tough finding nice play stables, but we feel great about all 7 of these options.   Breyer Wood Horse Stable I coveted a couple of my BFF’s horses from her huge Breyer collection several decades ago, and little collectors today...

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You won’t need a second mortgage for this dollhouse

Once you enter the land of American Girl, it’s not easy to come by real estate that can accommodate dolls of her stature. But we’ve found a doll house on the market that is just the right size for her and a couple of friends. And you won’t even need to take out a second mortgage to afford the closing costs. This isn’t your regular little ol’ doll house with itty-bitty rooms. Our Generation’s Wooden Dollhouse is three-and-a-half feet tall and over three feet wide. Think of it as the McMansion of doll houses, minus the four-car garage. I know more...

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The best handmade American Girl Doll clothes on Etsy: Should you succumb?

I caved. After years of avoiding the store and hiding the catalog, I finally gave in and bought two American Girl Dolls for my daughters for Christmas. But in doing so, I swore that I’d support Etsy artists and crafters by buying as much handmade clothing for American Girl Dolls as possible. With help in part from Grammy (thanks Grammy!) who helped find so many of these great designs, here are a few shops to keep your eye on should you be looking to style Kit or Kaya or McKenna in something a little off the beaten path. And...

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