We’ve been gushing about Ted Lasso for a while on Cool Mom Picks, and now I get to gush about the new Ted Lasso Little People Collector set from Fisher-Price, featuring six of the most iconic characters from the AFC Richmond locker room.

Here’s where I confess that I’ve only just started watching this series this summer — but it looks like I’ve jumped onto the bandwagon at exactly the right time as Ted Lasso just scored another 20 Emmy nominations for Season 2.

So if you know someone who’s waiting impatiently for the Season 3 Ted Lasso release date — which I am pretty sure is all of us at this point?– this makes a pretty great gift or collectible. But they’d make amazing baby gifts too since they’re for ages 1 and up.

This adorable six-pack joins other Fisher-Price pop culture sets we’ve coverd, including RuPaul, the cast of the Golden Girls,  Run DMC into mini figurines for us to display — or for our kids to play with.

I mean, they are toys, after all.

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Fisher Price's new Ted Lasso Little People Collector set

The characters in the box are pretty wonderful.

I love that blond boss Rebecca is clutching her pink box of biscuits to start the day (psst: you can find the recipe for Rebecca’s biscuits here). You’ll also catch Coach Beard with firm hold on the game plan, while sweet smiling Sam poses with his soccer ball (though I think his smile could be a LOT bigger). And effervescent Keeley has her ever-present cell phone at the ready to finalize the latest sponsorship deal.

You just know there’s a four-letter word ready to be growled from behind Roy Kent’s lips (though he’ll try to behave in front of the kids). And Coach Lasso himself looks ready to earnestly dispense another meaningful one-liner like “you gotta remember, your body is like day-old rice. If it ain’t warmed up properly, something real bad could happen.”

I only wish they could’ve jammed Jamie Tartt (do, do, do, do, do, do), and Dani football is life Rojas into this set, along with Nathan, Higgins and Bex. But then, the locker room box looks pretty full as it is.