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Newly gives old materials new life in the most beautiful way

It used to be that clothes and gifts made from recycled materials compromised on style. But these days, companies are finding creative ways to make fabulous products using resources we already have, making a huge, positive impact on the planet we live on and the one we’re going to leave our children. That’s why we’re so thrilled to get the exclusive first look at Newly, a new company offering some of the most gorgeous home goods we’ve ever seen, all made from 100% recycled materials using sustainable, energy-efficient methods. The five founders, including Barrett Ward, the creator of Cool Mom Picks favorite FashionABLE, established Newly...

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Rough Day? Have we got the wine glass for you.

Some days are just…yeah. That. You know what I mean. And maybe a glass of wine will help, or maybe even an empty one –at least if they’re these fantastic Rough Day Wine Glasses. Come on, you know you want to laugh. They’re like the perfect post-breakup BFF gift or the stemware to pull out when the kids are off to the grandparents and you’ve got a girls’ night in. (And yes, I speak from occasional experience in that department.) It seems to be about the size of a typical Cab/Bordeaux glass, so don’t worry if once in a while you actually go ahead and fill...

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A fantastic kid safe drinking glass that resists breaking and better, fighting.

It’s “please drink more water, kids” season around here. But you know that feeling at the end of the day when there are little stacks of drinking glasses filling the dishwasher or sink because each of your kids was thirsty and used a new glass about eleven times that day and you can hardly bear to have to clean or put away every single one? Well the Kupp’ Kid Safe Drinking Glasses are about to solve my mess problems with the loveliest little drinking glasses ever. Designed by a smart mom of three, the 6-ounce glass features a grippy, BPA-free silicone sleeve to keep...

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Go ahead, break my day.

I’m currently trying to stage a ban on plastic (probably not ideal for our health) and paper (definitely not ideal for the environment) cups from our household. So when I saw the newest launch from Lifefactory — durable drinking glasses protected in the same silicone wrap as their Lifefactory water bottles and glass baby bottle  — I did a little happy dance.   We’ve been dining al fresco every night since the weather turned warmer and I’m not a big fan of breakable stuff on our deck since most of us are always barefoot. I can feel totally safe though with these awesome glasses. They come in a smaller 11...

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A handmade hostess gift that gives back from glassybaby

Confession: If I don’t have a hostess gift, the first place I look is the cabinet full of wine bottles I have  received as hostess gifts myself. Sure, it looks like a fine, old vintage–but that’s because I haven’t had a party since 2005. Oops. But here’s one gift I wouldn’t let out of my cold, condensation-frosted fingers: a handblown glassware cup with a great story. We love glassybaby’s votive candles, which grew from mom-of-three Lee Rhodes’ battle with cancer and her desire to spread hope and serenity. So it’s only natural that we’d love the idea of getting...

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10 of the best essential summer wine accessories to keep your vino fresh, cool and portable.

I love a good glass of wine any time of the year, but especially during the summer months. There’s something about sipping a good rosé on a picnic or starting dinner with an effervescent, chilled dry Lambrusco that brings out the wine lover in me. The weather makes wine feel casual and my favorite summer wine accessories make drinking it easy. Hope they help you too.   In the summer I nearly exclusively drink from my GoVino glasses, which we count among our picnic essentials here at Cool Mom Picks. These attractive cups made specifically for wine are made from a BPA-free...

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Wine2go portable wine bags: The life of the (pool) party

Our neighborhood pool has a strict no-glass policy, which is why I’m excited about the portable wine bags from Wine2Go. I get that glass, concrete and bare feet are a dangerous mix, but relaxing by a moonlit pool after a long day while my kids swim just feels like a nice time to have a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and this is a better way to do it than you might think.   The plastic Wine2Go container holds a full bottle of wine, while the Flask2Go portable wine bag each holds 8 ounces, or 5 shots, of liquor. Not that I recommend slamming...

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Silikids new silicone drink covers and table accessories for kids brighten up spring

Our readers recently went nuts for Sip Snap lids, silicone drink covers that stretch to fit over any glass, turning it into a sippy. Well clearly it’s a trend because now CMP favorite  Silikids has just released new silicone drink covers too, along with some other fun products that keep mealtime colorful–and a lot less messy–for families. When my youngest turned three I went on a rampage, determined that we would be a sippy-cup free home and my children would know how to drink from a regular glass, darn it. But there are times that visiting friends’ kids come over, and I...

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Make your own drinking cups for kids with SipSnap lids

My kids do really well drinking out of actual cups, but sippies and cups with straws are a fixture for my little ones who still tend to spill a little. Or, on bad days, more than they actually get in their mouths. That’s why I’m really digging the clever new SipSnap lids by Double Double. This Kickstarter campaign (get in now!) is introducing SipSnap silicone lids stretch to fit over the top of any kind of cup, turning it into a kids’ drinking cup instantly. I’ve actually tried to do something similar by pairing random lids with cups I have around,...

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Geek out with these earth science drinking glasses

I’ve somehow collected way too many pint glasses over the years that aren’t necessarily my taste, especially since I’ve been out of college for awhile. I’m pretty sure I’m due for a glassware upgrade, which is why I’ve got my eye on these unique earth science drinking glasses at the shop we always find cool stuff, Uncommon Goods. I’m not sure what I love more; that this set of four drinking glasses was made here in the USA, or that they’re completely science-geeked out with the four sections of the universe–ocean, earth, atmosphere, and space.   And in case you’re not super...

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