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7 tips to help kids walk to school safely. Because October 5 shouldn’t be the only Walk to School Day!

Back in my school day, my mom let me walk alone to school, my friends’ homes, and the pizzeria by the time I was 10 years old. (Uphill, both ways, and barefoot, no less.) Fast forward to me as a parent and I admit my own kids — now ages 12 and 9 — have never walked anywhere on their own. One reason is that their school is much too far from home. The other reason is what’s a common cultural fear these days of letting our kids out into the world by themselves. Even though research shows that kids are actually safer today than ever. With the 20th...

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Turn signal gloves, inflatable helmets and other cool bike safety gear for the whole family

This summer my family hit a new milestone on our bikes: my youngest learned to ride without training wheels, and my oldest is now big enough to be trusted to ride his bike a couple blocks to his friend’s house on his own. (Although I still sit next to the phone until that “got there” text comes through. Exhale.) But now that my kids are growing more independent on their bikes, I’m thinking of some gear — beyond the mandatory helmet — that can help them stay safe on the roads during the day and night. From innovative lighting...

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How to talk about safety with kids: Why we talk about tricky people and not stranger danger.

In an increasingly connected world, we parents can feel overwhelmed about making sure our kids are protected and knowing how to talk to kids about safety, strangers, and all that other stuff that we wish we didn’t have to. We know it can be tough. While keeping our kids safe is a huge priority for all parents, we also want them to experience the beautiful freedom of childhood, and the ability to run and play and make friends without fear. So how do we all balance those two? We’re here to help. Related: Letting your kids play outside alone or walk to school: Is it bad for...

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Temporary safety tattoos: A life saver for parents of kids who like to wander.

We all know that theme parks, playgrounds, and big outdoor events can be pretty overwhelming places to bring younger children, especially if you have several to keep track of. And big distractions like fireworks, cotton candy, and costumed characters certainly don’t make it any easier to keep anyone from wandering off. Which is why we think these new Emergency Contact Temporary Tattoos we found from MadelinesBox on Etsy are genius. In the off-chance your child does stray from your side, whoever finds your little one will know exactly who to call, even if they’re too young to have it memorized. Our editor Liz shared the...

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The best bug sprays for Zika virus protection and how to apply them safely. Because we’d like to panic as little as possible about our kids, thanks.

This year, the Zika virus is on my mind (and everyone else’s, I imagine) so I’ve been avidly researching the best bug sprays for Zika virus protection. It happens that my daughter is extremely allergic to mosquito bites, so when she goes outside in the summertime, I make sure she’s covered head to toe in insect repellent — and for extra precaution, she wears one of those wristband mosquito repellents too. So you can see that this is an issue for me.   Do Non-Toxic Bug Sprays work against the Zika virus? Because she wears so much spray, I...

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6 smart tips to help prevent distracted driving and make car rides safer for families

With the busy travel season upon us and so many families planning spring and summer road trips, keeping our kids safe while we’re driving and preventing distracted driving is a huge concern of ours. Of course, you don’t necessarily need to be on a long haul to to the beach or the mountains to be easily distracted; most of us are still getting phone calls, text messages, and those non-digital requests for snacks from the backseat, even when we’re just playing chauffeur to and from after-school activities. That’s why we’re pleased to help spread the word about the new #TravelSafe campaign from...

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8 great cars for big families that fit 3 car seats safely in the second row

I still remember car shopping when I was pregnant with my third child, trying to figure out which cars for big families would be right for me. As in, I didn’t want a minivan, and I wanted my car to safely fit three car seats, for my three kids under four. To be honest, I had absolutely no idea where to start, and it turned out to be something that dealers really didn’t know too much about either. Not fun. If only I could have thought to check out our newest partner, Cars.com, which is a tremendous help for families who are car shopping. It actually features a wealth of...

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Fire safety for families: 10 amazing fire safety products that provide peace of mind

October (eek, it’s October!) is Fire Safety and Prevention month, and we are totally amazed at the advances in fire safety products for families. From appliances of all kinds with auto shut-off to smoke detectors that go beyond anything we ever grew up with, we’re blown away by the technology. So we’re really pleased to put together this fantastic list that we truly will hope keep more of you safe should a fire emergency ever break out in your own home. And we’re especially delighted to be teaming up with a very important sponsor, The National Fire Protection Association, and bringing you these ideas on their...

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10 of the most fun, most creative pool games for kids to play this summer beyond Marco Polo

If your aim is to get the kids to spend as much time in the pool as possible before summer ends, we’ve got you covered with 10 of the coolest, most creative pool games for toddlers to teens. Not only are these ideas a whole lot of fun, but they also help kids become more comfortable and confident in the water, something that’s so important to us, since we want those little tadpoles of ours to be safe when they’re playing in the pool. Especially when they are swimming with a bunch of their giggling, shouting, jumping friends. Related: Pool safety: 11 top tips for keeping kids safe this...

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A temporary tattoo that keeps kids safe. Not just cool.

I always thought it was a clever idea to write your number on your young child’s arm with a Sharpie, should you be hitting a beach or a theme park where there’s even the slightest chance of getting lost. But I also know plenty of squirmy kids who do not want to have anything to do with that, especially as they get a little older. One trick: Make your kids memorize your phone number. (We started with my kids around three and remarkably, they nailed it.) Another really fun trick: The Emergency Contact Number Temporary Tattoo Watch. Fun, right? A box of 16...

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