With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we thought it would be so fun to ask the kids in our lives, if you could have anything delivered to your mom, what would it be?

Let’s just say our kids know us very, very well!

Also, who has a direct line to George Clooney, Idris Elba, and Lin Manuel Miranda?

So here, 20 gifts from the kids that we would definitely not want to miss out on, were they to shop up at our front doors.

How sweet and funny and wildly clever are these kids? And yay for Mother’s Day!

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Updated in 2022


Kids share 20 ideas they wish they could give their moms for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Ideas from Kids: Jumbo Coffee Maker by 9-year-old Naomi | © cool mom picks

Naomi, 9: A Musical Coffee Maker Delivered by Celebrities
It’s a jumbo coffee maker that plays “It’s a Beautiful World” by Colin Hay, delivered by Idris Elba and George Clooney who will enjoy coffee with my mom.


Mother's Day Ideas from Kids: Rainbow by 4-year-old Aanya | © cool mom picks
Aanya, 4: A Rainbow
I made a rainbow to send to her because she really likes rainbows and because it’s really beautiful in the sky.

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Sage's dream gift for her mom for Mother's Day: A magical money dispensing calculator! | © cool mom picks
Sage, 9: A Money-Dispensing Calculator
I invented a special calculator that I could deliver to my mom for Mother’s Day. All you have to do is type in how much money you need, and then it prints it out for you. This way she would always have enough money for camp and taxes and everything else forever!


Mother's Day Ideas from Kids: House in a Can by 6-year-old River | © cool mom picks
River, 6: House In a Can
This is a House in A Can being delivered to our house. It is good to have an extra house just in case one is dirty, or in case you need another one. My mom would like that.


Thalia's dream gift for her mom on Mother's Day: Home performance of Hamilton! | © cool mom picks

Thalia, 11: The Cast of Hamilton
If I were to have one thing show up to our front door on Mother’s Day, it would be…THE ENTIRE CAST OF HAMILTON! I would choose that because, duh! Who wouldn’t want to see Hamilton and meet the cast FOR FREE on Mother’s Day! (Also, this is not just for me. It really is for my mom. Mostly.) 


Mother's Day Ideas from Kids: Plant by 5-year-old Ava | © cool mom picks
Ava, 5: Marigolds (AKA Marygoldes)
I want my Mom to have this because there is an extra place in our neighbor upstairs’ garden to plant it for us to share.

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Mother's Day Ideas from Kids: World Peace by 11-year-old Ella | © cool mom picks

Ella, 11: A Globe and World Peace
My mom would like world peace because that means there is no war or worries or fights — including with my sister! But since I can’t give her that yet, I would send her a globe so she would look at it and always think about how I want to give her world peace. 

Mother's Day Ideas from Kids: Poem and Free Hugs by 7-year-old Julia | © cool mom picks

Julia, 7: A Poem and Love
It’s a picture of a poem and a free hugs and kisses gift card. I’d give it to my mom because she loves when I give her lots of love and she loves when I write things for her too.

Mother's Day Ideas from Kids: Cooking Kit by 10-year-old Isaac | © cool mom picks
Isaac, 10: A Big Cooking Kit for the Kitchen
I want to send her a cooking kit for Mother’s Day, because my mom loves cooking! And also a coffee machine because she loves coffee.

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Mother's Day Ideas from Kids: Flowers and a Rainbow by 5-year-old Madeline | © cool mom picks
Madeline, 5: Flowers Delivered by a Pink Troll
I would have flowers in a vase and a rainbow delivered to Mommy. And I would have Poppy (the troll) deliver them!! Because that would make her happy.

(Note from Madeline’s mom: We’re pretty sure this is Madeline’s wish for herself, but her mommy would still be quite pleased with flowers and a rainbow!)


Mother's Day Ideas from Kids: Pizza delivery! from 4-year-old Wyatt | © cool mom picks

Wyatt, 4: Pizza
For Mother’s Day, I think my mom needs her own pizza delivered because she always eats all of mine! With extra olives.

Mother's Day Ideas from Kids: A robot by 10-year-old Bea | © cool mom picks
Bea, 10: Game-Playing Robot

I would like to give my mom a robot that plays with me when we are bored. So that it wouldn’t complain and my mom could have a break.

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Mother's Day Ideas from Kids: Posable Drone 6000 by 9-year-old Rowan | © cool mom picks
Rowan, 9: Poseable Shapeshifting Drone 6000

We should order a Poseable Drone 6000 for my mom on Mother’s Day. It doesn’t exist yet, but it should. Maybe it will someday! The drone can shapeshift into cats or spinach, which are two of my mom’s favorite things, so she’ll never have to worry about running out of them.

Mother's Day Ideas from Kids: Gluten-free Red Velvet Cake by 10-year-old Rhys | © cool mom picks

Rhys, 10: Gluten-Free Cake
It’s a gluten free red velvet cake with salted caramel block topping and caramel frosting and I picked it for my mom because she can’t eat gluten anymore and looooves red velvet. She’s a wonderful mom who deserves great cake!


Mother's Day Ideas from Kids: Idris Elba and Geroge Clooney coffee delivery by 13-year-old Kyla | © cool mom picks
Kyla, 13: Celebrity Coffee Delivery
I want Idris Elba and George Clooney to come to our door and bring my mom coffee.

(Editors’ note: We sense a pattern with Georgette’s children!)


Mother's Day Ideas from Kids: Ear Muffs by 10-year-old Drew | © cool mom picks
Drew, 10: Noise-Blocking Earmuffs
Earmuffs!!! Because she has four kids and it can get loud!!!


Mother's Day Ideas from Kids: Vase by 7-year-old Jemma | © cool mom picks
Jemma, 7: A Vase of Fresh Flowers
I made a vase for my mom and she would like it at her door because she loves flowers and she loves different colors of them and she’s bright and shiny like them.


Mother's Day Ideas from Kids: Delicious Donut Cake by 8-year-old Margot | © cool mom picks
Margot, 8: Donut Cake
For Mother’s Day I want a delicious donut cake delivered to Mom and on the top of it, it spells “Cool Mom Picks” because then she can share it with all of the other moms that she works with!

(Editors’ note: We love you Margot!)


Mother's Day Ideas from Kids: Flowers by 8-year-old Padraig | © cool mom picks
Padraig, 8: Pretty Flowers
It’s a picture of flowers because my mom is pretty and so are the flowers.


Mother's Day Ideas from Kids: Rainbows and Unicorns by Alina, Nola, and Jai | © cool mom picks
Alina, 7: Pusheen Holding a Rainbow
Jai, 5: A Unicorn
Nola, 9: A Unicorn Riding a Rainbow
Note from their mom:  I must talk a lot about unicorns and rainbows. Ha!

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