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The perfect stocking stuffer is…more stockings. If they’re these rad Star Wars socks.

You can only gift so many Star Wars shirts and toys, and — wait. Who am I kidding? You can never gift too many Star Wars shirts and toys to the fan in your life. And these posh Star Wars socks are the perfect geeky gift they’ll enjoy all year. And they’re sized just right to fill out that R2D2 stocking. The Star Wars Collection of socks by Stance has oodles of great choices — we even covered their kids’ socks over at Cool Mom Tech. But we’re really digging their luxe Limited Edition Collector Sets that bring together Light Side,...

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Shark Week is coming! Get ready with our 10 favorite shark picks for kids

Though the Fourth of July may be the number one holiday of the summer, Shark Week comes in a close second. It’s pretty popular among our readership because our kids get a good excuse to watch an entire week’s worth of programming about our favorite toothy fish. And, for that reason, it’s become somewhat of an annual tradition to round up our favorite shark picks for kids. If your kids are big fans of sharks too, get ready to tune into the Discovery Channel starting this Sunday, and check out our top 10 shark picks we’ve hooked just for you. CMP is an rstyle affiliate You’ll...

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Why Bombas socks are the bomb

With summer slip-on shoe season finally here, it’s also officially stinky feet season, which is why I’ve been on the hunt for peds that don’t suck. You know, those no-show socks that keep your feet dry while you wear your favorite TOMS, Chuck Taylors, Vans (or if you’re like Liz, Superga sneakers). Well, since trying Bombas socks, I’m a happy girl and my feet are too. Related: The newest TOMS let you dip your toes into the political process  I actually purchased Bombas socks through a Facebook ad (yes apparently, they do work!) and I’m so glad I did. Their no-show socks...

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The NSFW socks from Blue-Q

We love seeing crazy fun socks for women have become such a massive trend. And since I’m hoping that my socks continue to be not-boring, I started digging around for more statement-making socks. And naturally we fell down laughing when we saw the sassy socks from Blue-Q on a friend’s Facebook page. Warning: Blue-Q socks aren’t your typical socks you want to be wearing when you’re kicking back, feet up, on the couch with your kids watching Saturday morning cartoons. They’re a bit more…shall we say, spirited than that? Second warning: If you’re uncomfortable with four-letter words, don’t click over to the site. Just stay here with us. We’ll protect you.   There are definitely...

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Super fun, mismatched socks for kids that also teach a good lesson. (Yes, really.)

My kids come downstairs with mismatched socks all the time, but I learned to let it go long ago. Who needs to match, when wearing stripes and polka dots together is so much more fun? (Also, it makes putting away the laundry way, way easier.) Recently we found an awesome new company that takes mismatched socks to a new level. Each set of bright, bold, colorful PALS socks pairs two different creatures, like cats and dogs or birds and worms. The aim is to teach kids that it’s cool to be friends with someone who is different than you. My kids tried...

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Santa baby. Literally.

There’s really not much you can do to make a baby cuter at the holidays, because the tree, the lights, the adorable little red sweater and well, it’s a party full of screaming ovaries. But add in the Santafier pacifier, and you might people spontaneously combusting from cuteness. From the folks who made the hilarious Mustachifier, we introduce you to the Santafier, a binky with a white mustache for your little Santa baby. Or hey, Mrs. Claus baby, pre-laser hair removal. Heh.   If you’re feeling extra festive, grab the full Santafier set, which includes the little Santa beanie cap and socks to help you complete...

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Simple tips for staying healthy if you sit at a desk all day long

If you spend many hours of the day sitting at a desk or working in front of a computer like we do, then you know how tough it can be on your back, your neck, and uh…even your waistline. But there are actually things — really easy things — that you can do to make your work day easier on your body and to help keep you healthier. We’re partnering with FUTURO Legwear who knows a bit about this whole topic. Their Graduated Compression Legwear helps to reduce swelling and improve circulation, as well as keep you comfortable while your legs are stuck under...

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Crazy fun socks for women: Hot trend alert

I was so in love with Kristen’s photo of her super stylish daughter on Instagram sporting some cool knee socks, and she admitted to me that her daughter stole them from her own sock drawer! That’s when I realized, this is one of those few times that a fashion trend started with kids then jumped to the adults. It’s a fact — fun socks for women are everywhere you look, peeking out of pumps, booties, knee-boots, layered over fishnets…you name it. And I’m loving it. Especially because it’s such an affordable way to punch up your wardrobe ,and even show off your...

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Baby socks that stay up? We found them!

It’s a small #firstworldproblem as far as parenting goes, but baby socks that don’t stay up are one of my pet peeves. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve spent more money than I care to admit on tiny pairs of socks the last two years, but it just sucks when one sock goes missing or sometimes, when both mysteriously disappear. Knowing that I’ll never be as organized as I want to be, and that I’ll never get my two-year-old and four-month-old to cease pulling or kicking off their already-loose socks, imagine my delight to discover Little Grippers socks, a UK brand that specializes...

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Cool boot socks that make your old Hunter Boots new again.

Who can’t live without their Hunter Boots, raise your hand? (Oh look! It’s my entire Brooklyn Neighborhood!) While they’re not the snowboots that my Sorel boots are, I adore the versatility of my Hunter Boots, which are the perfect wellies in a summer rainstorm; or pop in a pair of fleecy Hunter Boot Socks and make them toasty enough for cold winter morning walks to school. When I first got my own boots, I was sure to grab a pair of the microsoft sock inserts in black. But now it turns out there are so many cool designs, you can pretty much turn...

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