We recently discovered the coolest gift idea when our friend Tina Roth Eisenberg at Swiss Miss shared a Favorite Things Gift Box she received from her friend Jessica Kausen.

Jessica filled a box with a few of her own favorite things (no offense, Oprah) along with a letter explaining why each were special to her — what a smart, creative and thoughtful gift for a friend!

A favorite things gift box: How to put together your own | photo Tina Roth Eisenberg @SwissMiss
Tina’s Favorite Things Gift Box
: Isn’t it wonderful?

It inspired us at Cool Mom Picks to share ideas of what you could include in a favorite things gift box for a friend’s birthday, to commemorate or celebrate an important occasion, or even just as a pick-me-up when she really needs it.

Like…perhaps a thoughtful platonic Valentine’s Day gift for a friend in the coming weeks? (Galentines FTW!)

We hope these inspire you to create your own and really make a friend’s day.

Top image: Gift wrap bundles from the Oh Happy Day party shop.


Your Favorite Self-Care Item

Favorite things gift box idea | a favorite candle, such as this one from The 125 Collection

Everyone needs a little self-care, so a favorite item that helps you chill would be perfect to include in your Favorite Things Gift Box.

It could be an aromatherapy item, like a favorite bath bomb or bubble bath or a luxurious soap. Maybe a gorgeous aromatherapy necklace filled with a calming essential oil. An inspirational candle from The 125 Collection (above) which also smells divine, would make a great addition!

Your favorite thing may also be a pair of cozy socks — we love the irreverent socks from Blue Q, but maybe you like unicorns, spectacled cats, or just an indulgent pair of cashmere-blend socks.

You could even create a list of your favorite meditation apps or fill a USB drive with a playlist of chill music so your BFF can have some TLC, audio-style. OM…

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Your Favorite Beauty Product

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb : Amazing shade that looks good on everyone!

Whether it’s your favorite long lasting lipstick, a Fenty lipgloss (we’re obsessed with ours!), the Thrive Causemetics Infinity Waterproof Eyebrow Liner some of us can’t live without,  the best mascara ever, or the dry shampoo that is a godsend for busy women — your friend will appreciate the beauty boost.


A List of Your Favorite Podcasts or Binge-worthy Shows

Favorite things gift box idea | a list of your favorite podcasts

Got a favorite list of podcasts? Then share the love! Create a list of your absolute faves and include it in the box. Our own list would include Spawned with Kristen and Liz, of course (now with 100 really great episodes to enjoy!), The Moth,  Wow in the World, and Audible’s new What Were You Thinking? series, which is actually an audio series, but makes for great listening.

You can do the same thing with your favorite binge-worthy streaming shows, too.


Your Favorite Book by a Woman Author

Favorite things gift idea | A Feminist Manifesto in 15 Suggestions by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Whether it’s a favorite classic like my pick, A Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood, or something more recent, like one of these fantastic 2017 books from diverse women authors like Celeste Ng, Elizabeth Strout, or Ngozi Adichie, adding a great read to your Favorite Things Box is a must. It will give a friend hours of enjoyment all while supporting other women.

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Your Favorite Creativity Tool

Wonder Woman Pencils by Icey Design on Etsy

Fun engraved pencils like these Wonder Woman quote pencils? A gorgeous notepad for jotting down inspiration? A stress ball for taking out all that frustration before you get to work? A book of poetry? A deck of Creative Oracle cards? If there’s something you love that opens your channels up to creativity, consider sharing it with your friend too.

Your Favorite Edible Treat

Chic Mother-in-Law-Gifts: Dana's Bakery gourmet macaron subscription

Of course we need some munchies in here, right? All that matters is that it’s your favorite: Do you have a thing for Rosé All Day candy bears from SugarfinaBoozy Caramels from Jonboy? Dana’s Gourmet Macaron’s?

It doesn’t have to be fancy though. What are your grocery store guilty pleasure? (Little Debbie’s, mmmm.) Is there a high-protein snack pack you always keep in your bag, or a Trader Joe’s Product you’re obsessed with and just have to share? What about a spice blend you absolutely can’t cook without, or a gourmet flavored salt that’s the kind of treat she wouldn’t buy herself.

You can even add a batch of baked treats you make yourself with love…the possibilities are deliciously endless.

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Your Favorite DrinkableTreat

Favorite things gift idea | One HOPE glitter bottles

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a glittery bottle of bubbly that benefits a good cause, a half-bottle of your favorite Rioja, a couple cans of La Croix, or a bag of your very favorite coffee beans or tea bags. Get creative and attach a hot toddy recipe you love to a fresh lemon. You can even toss in some cool straws and cups.

Then, wrap it up!  You can use a basket, of course, or we looooove the Oh Happy Day party shop which has some fantastic gift wrap bundles combining wrapping supplies like washi tape, wrapping paper, ribbon and more into one thematic, convenient package.


No matter what you put into your Favorite Things gift box, the most important part is the letter: Be sure to explain why you chose each of the items, and why you wanted to share them. That’s some true BFF love right there.