Every year we share our favorite holiday gifts that give back, to help us maximize the impact that our gifts can make on the world this time of year. And every year, we talk about Bombas Socks — the incredibly comfortable, increasingly stylish, mission-driven socks that were designed expressly to help give comfort to you, and comfort to those in need.

For every pair purchased, another pair is donated to those affected by homelessness.

In fact, they’ve donated over 50 million items to more than 3,500 giving partners around the world over the past 8 years, specifically to address the need for socks and underwear among those without permanent homes or shelters.

Since we’ve been writing about Bombas since oh…2016 when Kristen bought some, fell in love, then got the rest of us here to try them, we’re so honored that they’re an amazing new sponsor of our site.

It really helps us on our own mission of sharing the kinds of gifts from companies that we really believe in and are so proud to support.

Hygge gifts: Bombas socks are cozy, warm, and give back to people in need. The new styles are wonderful!

Besides, socks are cool again! And Bombas socks are incredibly cool. I am actually wearing a pair right now as I write this!  After buying them a couple years back (Kristen is very influential!) I’ve become their biggest fan.

So I’m excited to get to share a few of my favorite Bombas gifts (it’s not just socks anymore!) that give back to others in beautiful ways.


Our favorite Bombas Socks and Slipper Gifts
that Give Back for the Holidays


If you haven’t been to the site for a while, wow… wait until you see all the new designs and products they’re making! Here are a few on my own list. While Bombas is sponsoring this post, I’ve chosen these all myself.

I’m picky!


Bombas Alpine Winter Snowflake Socks Gift Set: Gifts that give back beautifully

Women’s Holiday Snowflake Calf Sock
4 pairs of cozy, super cute socks that look amazing all winter long


Bombas sherpa slippers for men and women make amazing gifts that give back

Fuzzy Sherpa Slippers in Women’s or Men’s Sizes
In these Zoom-meeting days, we all know it’s business on the top, cozy on the bottom. These fit the bill.
But hurry…theyr’e super popular right now.

Bombas new Sesame Street socks for adults and kids are adorable!

Toddler Sesame Street Socks
The cutest! Good look picking a favorite — and yet, it’s Cookie Monster, isn’t it.  (PS they come in adult sizes and infant sizes too!)


Bombas mommy-and-me slipper sets make great gifts that give back to people in need

Mommy and Me set of Slippers
Or…Daddy and Me. Why not! This duo of adult and toddler grippy slippers is perfect for chilly mornings.


Bombas Alpine Socks gift pack give back to people in need

Holiday Calf-Socks for Men or Women
There’s a reason Christina included these extra-cozy socks from Bombas in our Hygge holiday gift guide without even knowing Bombas was a sponsor. They’re amazing. And that box!


Bombas Pride Collections socks give back to people in need

Bombas Pride Socks
We wrote about this collection when it first came out, and its grown beautifully. Get a set or a single pair for a thoughtful little gift or stocking stuffer that’s just $12.

Bombas x Disney Princess socks for adults give back to people in need

Adult Sized Disney Princess Socks
If you have a full-grown Disney fan on your list, these are such a cool interpretation of each princess. (At very top, that’s the Tiana sock on the right!) Besides, the promise of “live cozily ever after” sounds pretty appealing.


Thanks so much to Bombas for sponsoring this post, and for supporting our own small business right back. We’re so grateful for everything they’re doing for communities in need around the US through their fantastic products.