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The toothbrush to clean toddler teeth, without the WWE-style neck hold

After ten years of parenting, I thought I had this whole toothbrushing thing figured out. I mean, it’s not that hard, compared to say potty training or tying shoelaces. But when my preschooler ended up at the dentist with three cavities, I realized brushing teeth well is more difficult than I had thought. It turns out the cheap packs of toothbrushes from the grocery store weren’t getting my kids teeth very clean. Like at all. So I was excited to try out Foreo’s brand new ISSA mikro toothbrush. And it’s not like we tend to get excited about toothbrushes around here — but this one is just so...

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The coolest baby gifts and gear of the year: Editors’ Best of 2015

We’re so excited to wrap up our year by featuring our very top picks in all sorts of categories, starting with our very favorite cool baby gifts and gears that were new or new to us in 2015. This is a tough category to be sure, so we went through our archives, talked to our editors and writers, and put together the few from our archives that we think deserve an extra special nod this year. And perhaps a spot on your baby registry too! In no particular order…our picks for coolest baby gifts and gear of 2015.   This...

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9 travel essentials for babies that are worth the money

Going on a vacation with a baby can be a lot of work, but if there’s anyone who needs to get away and relax for a while it’s a new parent. (We support you, new parents!) We have all packed for a lot of trips over the years, and we’ve put our heads together to figure out which travel essentials for babies are great to have on hand — and which are totally unnecessary. Some of these are splurges, some are bargains. But I really think they’re all great values because they do a great job at what they’re supposed to do. After all, your...

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Wynn Ruby: One-stop shopping for the cutest baby gifts from small designers.

We’re always happy to discover new online shops that feature some of the small label designers for kids that we love, and now there’s another to add to our list: Wynn Ruby. Right away I knew it was going to be a fun selection when I saw they carried Eleventy-five clothing for kids. But there’s so much more fun to discover. Austin mom Katie Hall opened the shop less than two months ago and I’m already seeing the selection growing by the week. It’s hard to pare down my favorites, but I’m partial to the Kupukupu Kids baby clothing, organic leggings from Babysprouts &...

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Handbags to drool over. Literally.

When you’re going through the pain of cutting teeth and the indignity of drool everywhere, you deserve a little reward, don’t you think? Of course, there’s no more appropriate gift for your teething six-month-old than a designer handbag. As long as it’s this Chanel handbag wooden baby teether spotted at Fig & Fawn, made by NYC-based LexyPexy. From designer bags to the perfect French croissant, there isn’t a LexyPexy wooden teether that doesn’t make me smile. They are all so fun and clever; they’ve moved straight to the top of my list for go-to baby shower gifts this summer. And maybe they will keep your baby from chewing...

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Teething toys so beautiful, they’re like your baby’s first accessory.

Next to sleeping and feeding, teething is probably the most-talked about baby topic on the hundreds of Facebook mom groups I’m a member of–probably because it always impacts sleeping and feeding too. Thus, my desperation to find cool teething toys that also have a little style to them since I know I’ll be looking at them every single day for ages. Mom favorite Chewbeads is already cornering the market on beautiful teethers for babies disguised as jewelry, and now they’re out with the 100% safe silicone Chewbeads Baby Gramercy Stroller Toy which conveniently attaches to car seat handles, stroller toy bars and even your baby’s jungle gym....

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Naturally gentle baby skincare from everyone’s favorite giraffe

Other than diapers and onesies when it comes to babies, is there anything more iconic than Sophie the Giraffe? Even my friends without kids recognize the now ubiquitous French baby teether. So so it makes sense that she’s branching out into the new Sophie la Girafe Bath and Baby line. (So fancy, that giraffe.) This is a new line of natural and organic beauty and bath products made just for babies, and when I say natural and organic, the folks who created the Sophie baby skincare line have really done their homework, eliminating potential allergens, synthetic perfumes and dyes, no-no’s for parents like parabens and phthalates, and...

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Silispoon: Possibly the new best baby spoon

Ahh, the teething phase. Which is only made worse by the fact that it occurs the same time as the baby food phase. My kids liked to soothe their aching gums by biting down on their spoons, but even the plastic ones couldn’t have felt that great. That’s why I’m convinced the best baby spoon for teething kids may be the brand new Silispoon from Silikids. The flexible silicone bends and squishes, which is perfect since babies chew on absolutely everything when they’re teething. (Who else has the bite marks in their skin to prove it?) The flexible silicone scoop of the Silispoon bends when...

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TBT: Throwback teethers

Perhaps thanks to Sophie the Giraffe, teething toys have gotten way more fun than the rainbow plastic rings we used to rely on. That drooly baby stage now has its own array of accessories from chic teething jewelry for moms to handmade organic wooden teethers. And now there’s another fun option in the vintage character teethers by Oli & Carol which would be a great add-on to a big baby registry gift, or a thoughtful baby shower gift all on its own.   These adorable, pastel-shaded vintage animals–my favorite is the dusty blue seahorse–were created by two young Barcelona-based sisters from 100% natural Hevea latex. Plus they’re...

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Scabib: Kind of a bib, only cooler.

With the popularity of the infinity scarf, why are we not surprised that clever designers are now making them for babies. Presenting the adorable–and yet surprisingly practical–scarf-bib called Scabibs, on Etsy. Is it a scarf? Is it a bib? It’s both, and we’re kind of in love. My kids drooled when they were babies. A lot. So I’m pretty sure I would have velcroed one of these Scabibs on my own kids  had I’d known about them back then.   This is no mere fashion choice. Scabibs are actually really effective in keeping babies’ drool where it belongs, as...

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