The gifts we really truly want for ourselves. In other words, get them for the coolest women you know.

Holiday gifts for women: Lip necklaces

So we asked ourselves, if we could have anything (private jets and trips to the Riviera excluded), what would be on our own wish lists? We’ve put together some of the coolest gifts for women, from not too spendy to…yeah, we’ll never get that. If you’re looking for a cool gift for a woman on your list with great taste (ha), we hope some of these ideas will help!

All gifts have been editorially determined by our staff, there is no compensation in exchange for picks. CMP is an rstyle and Amazon affiliate. Discount codes expire 12/31/15.

Lip necklaces

Kristen fell in love with these when we met the artist at the AD Design Show this year. Also check out the solid gold version. Sweet! ($85 at Unit by Elyse Graham)

Holiday gifts for women: BeoPlay H8 noise-cancelling headphones

BeoPlay H8 noise-cancelling headphones

Liz tried them at The Consumer Electronics Show this year and is still dreaming about them. That says something, because there’s a whole lot of stuff at CES. ($499 at BANG & OLUFSEN)


Holiday gifts for women: Carry-on cocktail kit

Carry-on cocktail kit

Eh, so we didn’t get the upgrade. This should help.  ($30 at W & P Design)


Holiday gifts for women: Vilassi cashmere scarf

Vilassi cashmere scarf

We love the scarf, but even more, we love that it creates sustainable economic opportunities for artists in India. ($199 at To The Market)

15% off all Vilassi items with code CoolMom


Holiday gift idea for moms: Find the most imperfect photo of the kids you love and frame it perfectly. | Frame: Obrien Schridde | Photo: Kristen Chase

The most imperfect photo of our children, framed perfectly

Our favorite photos are always the ones with the tongues out and the eyes closed. Frame them beautifully and those moments become art. (Handmade wooden frames from Obrien Schridde Designs, $42 and up)

20% off with code cmp holiday




Holiday gifts for women: Forma geometric bangle set

Forma geometric bangle set

Wow. We could wear these everywhere. And totally would. ($380 at Adorn Milk)

Free US shipping with code COOLMOMS


Holiday gifts for women: S’well bottle in sand python

S’well reusable water bottle in sand python

Hydrating never looked so swanky. ($45 at S’well)


Best holiday gift: Coupon for time to bingewatch your favorite series, no children interruptions allowed

Coupon for 20 free hours to binge watch our favorite series with no interruptions

And we don’t mean starting at 11PM after the kids are finally in bed. (priceless)



Great gifts for women: Single Origin Chocolate Taster at Mouth

Single Origin Chocolate Taster

Well, we do need something to eat during those 20 hours of TV watching. ($43,

10% off with code COOLMOM 


Holiday gifts for women: Ryan Gosling coloring book

Ryan Gosling coloring book

The closest Kristen will get to her hands on his face. (Liz is holding out for a Bradley Cooper coloring book.) ($19.21 at Amazon)

Holiday gifts for women: Jimmy Choo ravel leather shoulder bag

Jimmy Choo Ravel leather shoulder bag

Liz is drooling. A lot. Maybe we should get a gadget screen cleaner to go with this one. ($1650 at Nordstrom)

Emily McDowell mug gift: I'm a grown-ass lady and I do what I want!

Grown Ass Lady coffee mug by Emily McDowell 

Sometimes we parents need reminding. Go figure. ($20 at Emily McDowell)

15% off with code COOLMOMGG15

Holiday gifts for women: The Notorious RBG

The Notorious RBG

What we might want just as much is the free time to actually read it. ($14.37 at Amazon)

Holiday gifts for women: Stumptown blend trio of coffees

Stumptown blend trio of coffee

Without it, we never would have gotten to page 20 in our gift guide. ($35, Stumptown)

Best holiday gift: A donation to a favorite charity that supports women and families.

A donation to our favorite charities

The truth is, we really feel blessed to have everything we need. Out of everything here, we’d be thrilled with a donation to Baby Buggy, Postpartum Progress, Friends of MaddieFrench Red Cross, Nature Conservancy…we can’t pare down our favorite charities, so we’d have to rely on our generous friends and family to do it for us. ($ as high as you can)


Holiday gifts for women: A live-in housekeeper

A live-in housekeeper

You too? (priceless)