23 of the coolest personalized gifts that will make you glad you shopped early, for once.

Personalized holiday gifts: customized leather camera straps

When we think about cool personalized gifts for the holidays, we admit we go right to jewelry, or maybe something monogrammed. But the truth is there are so many amazing personalized gifts for all kinds of people on your list of all ages, you’ll find them throughout our guide. So here, just a few more — well okay, 23 — that we think make really special gifts. Some are splurge-y, some are pretty amazing values. But there’s one caveat: Jump on it! There’s no personalized gift you’re going to score¬†on December 24 unless it¬†means you taking a Sharpie to it. Also:¬†be sure to double, triple, and quadruple¬†check the shop’s deadlines to make a guaranteed holiday delivery.

All gifts have been editorially determined by our staff, there is no compensation in exchange for picks. CMP is an rstyle and Amazon affiliate. Discount codes expire 12/31/15. 


Personalized leather camera straps

Really cool gift for that one person who hasn’t given up the DSLR. ($44.99, Exsect)


Personalized holiday gifts: Customized crochet doll

Personalized crochet doll

We love this so much! And not just for girls; we know quite a few women who’d love to be immortalized in crochet thread. ($95 at Zooble)

Grandparent holiday gifts: Custom photo coaster set

Custom photo coaster set

Scroll through your Instagram feed, find the best photo of your last vacation, your cousin’s wedding, your kids’ school play. Upload it at Paper Culture and done! Great, affordable custom gift. ($20 at Paper Culture)

Personalized holiday gifts: Personalized papercut art Sarah Trumbauer

Personalized papercut artwork

Our jaws dropped upon discovering this artist’s spectacular cut paper art, in so many fantastic styles and patterns. ($65 at Sarah Trumbauer; or $15 for a print)



Personalized holiday gifts: Apple Watch Bands

Personalized Apple Watch Bands

An Apple Watch would be sweet on its own, but we’re crushing on the DIY band option at Casetify which lets you upload patterns, photos, typography, you name it. ($70 at Casetify; plus, you know. The Apple Watch.)

Personalized holiday gifts: Star Wars family portrait

Custom Star Wars family portrait

We didn’t think we could love Kadie Foppiano’s work more, until we discovered that she upped the coolness factor by depicting your family as your favorite Star Wars garb. No idea if she’ll do Slave Leia, sorry.¬†¬†($80+ Henry James Paper Goods)


Personalized holiday gifts: Personalized musical instrument set for kids mugs

Personalized musical instrument set for kids

This cool, mom-run company scores big with this gift for kids 3-7. Wow. ($71 for set, $35 for just guitar at Scissor Mill)


Personalized holiday gifts: Personalized mugs

Personalized family illustrated mugs by K Studio

We’ve met the mother-daughter team behind this design studio and we love them as much as their charming personalized gifts. Choose from dozens of different men, women and children, then further personalize the skin tone, hair color and clothing accents. ($28+ at Uncommon Goods)


Personalized holiday gifts: Handmade personalized metallic gold pouch

Handmade monogrammed metallic gold pouch

Ooh. Shiny. ($150 at Jill Brodeur)

Personalized holiday gifts: Custom paper dolls

Personalized paper dolls

We love everything from this talented illustrator, and this is like the ultimate family portrait for those¬†who don’t see themselves as family portrait people. ($35+ at Jordan Grace Owens; contact artist for lead times)

Personalized holiday gifts: wooden pie box

Personalized wooden pie box

Oh, we know quite a few people who’d happily call themselves owners of the World’s Best Pie Co. ($49.95 at NY Times Store)


Personalized holiday gifts: Gold foil silhouette charm necklace

Gold foil silhouette keepsake necklaces

New from one of our favorite indie makers, these are about ten times more affordable than solid gold, but just as thoughtful and lovely. ($45 at Le Papier Studio)


Personalized holiday gifts: Custom action heroes with your face

Custom action heroes with your face

If green’s not his color¬†you can customize any action hero or character you want. Daryl Dixon, anyone?¬†($395+ at Lil Buddi Action Figures; contact artist for lead times)


Personalized holiday gifts: Lost My Name galactic space adventure book

Child’s personalized galactic space adventure book

We were so happy to get to know this fantastic little company this year, and help them get the word out about their amazing new personalized children’s book.¬†So much so, we’ve ordered¬†this one (and the original Lost My Name books) for kids on our own lists.¬†¬†¬†($29.99 at Lost My Name)



Personalized holiday gifts: Knob Creek Whiskey with Custom Labels

Knob Creek Whiskey with Custom Labels

You buy the whiskey at your local liquor store, then just print your own labels from the site. So cool! ($42+ for bottle; free printable labels at Knob Creek website)

Personalized holiday gifts: Custom boy dolls at Kaiya's Room

Custom boy rag dolls

Whether you have a boy who’d really like a doll that looks like him, or a girl who wants a boy doll for any reason at all, we think these are just super. ($52, Kaiya’s Room)


Personalized holiday gifts: Custom recipes on plates

Your heirloom family recipe printed on a plate

We love that this company prints your¬†actual recipe, in your own handwriting, on plates and serving platters. Truly special heirloom and way to preserve your great aunt’s¬†babka recipe or your great-grandfather’s pasta sauce.¬†($50+ at PH Pottery)


Personalized holiday gifts: NY Times History of Baseball book for any team

NY Times History of Baseball book for any team

Whatever your favorite team, you can order this collection of the the top headlines for them in the Paper of Record through the years. Of course that may be a more depressing gift for some fans than others. ($49.95 at the NY Times Store)


Personalized holiday gifts: Custom song lyric pillow

Custom song lyric pillow

How cool is this? Pick the lyrics with the most meaning to you, transform into fabulous personalized gift. ($64 at Hatch)


Personalized holiday gifts: GiGi New York monogrammmed leather tote

GiGi New York monogrammmed leather tote

Yes, so, we want that. ($333 at Saks Fifth Avenue)


Personalized holiday gifts: Personalized silhouette ornaments

Personalized silhouette ornaments

Also from Vana at Le Papier, ornaments customized with your friend’s or family’s own silhouettes. So classic and beautiful. ($45 at Le Papier Studio)


Personalized holiday gifts: Personalized family of four wall hanging

Personalized family of four wall hanging

Sadly you’ll need a gift card for this¬†outrageously cool, artful interpretation of your family since it takes the artist 9 weeks. On the bright side, she offers some really fun gift cards. ($193 at Pink Cheeks Studio)


Personalized holiday gifts: Monogrammed Burberry scarves

Monogrammed Burberry scarves

Burberry, darling. Monogrammed. Oof.  ($475+ at Burberry)