Considering all the amazing babies’ and kids’ toys we’ve discovered this year at Cool Mom Picks, narrowing down our list of favorite toys and dolls is like picking amongst our children. That said…

Wooberry Custom Dolls Art2Believe Handcrafted Dolls

Liz: There’s no cuter doll than the one your kid designs his or herself. My pick goes to Wooberry and Art2Believe who each have artists handcrafting custom dolls from your kid’s own drawing.

Kristen: The adorable Blabla Kids Boogaloo Dolls (at top) in cuddly cotton handknit help my kids get to sleep every night. That’s saying something.

Make Your Own Pottery Kit for Kids

Liz: The make-your-own pottery kits from Thomas Claire let your kid flex his creative muscles without relying on Mom the Driver schlepping him to one of those fancy kids’ pottery places. Amazing presentation too.

Recycled Plastic Beach Toys by Green Toys

Kristen: Hands down, the smart, BPA & phthalate-free, 100% recycled plastic tea sets and beach play sets sets from Green Toys get my vote.

Handmade Wooden Baby Blocks

Liz: If baby’s first wooden blocks are the ones from Hiccup Inc, you’re probably establishing a design standard for life. All for less than $30.

Crochet Baby Rattle by Timberdoodle

Cool Mom Picks Pick of the Year 2008

Kristen: For babies, I love the crochet baby rattles from Timberdoodle which is a big step up from your average plastic shaker. Find it in our Safer Toy Guide under rattles.