How to Photograph Your Baby DVD for parents
Forget the baby monitor or motorized swing: what I really could have used when my kids were little was photographer and dad Nick Kelsh’s entertaining and smart new DVD, How to Photograph Your Baby, a companion to the classic book by the same name.

If you have any idea what an f-stop is or took Photography 101 in college, this DVD is not for you. For people like me, though, How to Photograph Your Baby helps parents take gorgeous baby photos without the suggestion that you buy more expensive equipment.

Kelsh comes across as a friendly college professor on video, tackling a different common hurdle in each chapter from photographing newborns to getting squirmy older kids to stay still. The vignettes that show Nick interacting with parents-in-need are definitely rehearsed, albeit adorable. And while I was a tad annoyed that most of the damsels in distress were, in fact, damsels (don’t dads take bad photos too?), I still found the tips so obvious and usable I could barely wait to get my hands on my camera.

I wish I could buy a copy of this DVD for all the other camera-phobic parents-to-be since long after the other baby gifts have been donated to charity, I still have those pictures to remind me
that I suck at photography. 

See a clip and purchase How to Photograph Your Baby DVD on Nick Kelsh’s website or find the book through our affiliate Amazon

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