The Grandparents Handbook book
When I told my parents I was expecting, I didn’t tell them I was expecting. I told them we’d done some interesting sightseeing, and did they want to see pictures? And then I gave them my ultrasound photos.

If The Grandparents Handbook had been around, back then, I might’ve given them a copy of that instead. (I know; the ultrasound story sounds great, but it took my father forever to figure it out, which kind of spoiled the fun.)

Not only would the book be a fun way to announce your folks’ impending status change (heh), it’s chock-full of everything they need to know — from baby-care refresher tips to meals to cook with little hands to ideas for kid-friendly activities, it’s all in there. And because it’s in a book, there’s no battle-of-the-wills or You know, I did successfully raise you, you know confrontations. The book covers crib safety. The book covers what to bring to a restaurant to keep a kid occupied. The book is clever and useful and doesn’t talk back.

Your parents will love it, and you’ll love them for reading it. -Mir

You can order your copy of The Grandparents Handbook from our affiliate, Amazon.

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