Alice in Wonderland
For all the eye-goggling special effects and “3D everything” in kids’ movies nowadays, the 60-year-old Alice in Wonderland will still leave your kids’ mouths agape as it still does mine, no funny glasses needed.

If you want to take your kids down the rabbit hole, now is a great time to do it because the Disney vault has opened to let a shinier, brighter and Blu-ray’d Alice out for a little while.

Walt Disney’s Alice in Wonderland’s 60th Anniversary Edition may be a familiar story to most, but I was blown away with how gorgeous this remastered version looks, from the opening where Alice dances among daisies, to her trippy interactions with the Cheshire Cat. 

Having not seen this movie in years, I was pleased to see that this movie stands the test of time. I did find my younger kids got a little confused and disinterested in some of the “curiouser” moments as when Alice meets Tweedledee and Tweedledum and the story meanders off the trail — but, I’m willing to bet many adults get a little lost at that moment too. Thankfully, the way the story is told means that Alice will soon move on to another area and draw everyone back into her tale.
My fears that the Queen of Hearts or the unknown plight of Alice would be too scary for the kids were unfounded, especially after my six year old reminded me that he’s seen Star Wars. (Though I am still afraid of the Queen of Hearts.)
As for the extras we expect on discs these days, older kids and grown ups will love the “Through the Keyhole: A Companion’s Guide to Wonderland” addition to the Blu-ray disc which runs as an optional picture-in-picture feature to offer insight and extra details about scenes. This feature definitely makes the Blu-ray worth owning, even if you already have an older DVD release of the movie; it’s like having a bunch of Alice experts next to you to explain that “wha??” parts. And boy did I need that. –Christina

Walt Disney’s Alice in Wonderland 60th Anniversary Edition on Blu-ray is for sale at our affiliate Amazon. This two-disc combo also includes a DVD version of the movie.

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