Easter basket gift ideas: natural play dough

Thankfully Easter is in late April this year which means my kids may actually be able to do an egg hunt in something less than a winter parka and mittens. But does this extra times mean I’ve finished all my Easter basket shopping? Oh, of course not. 

If you’re in my same boat and still need to put something into those cute baskets, take a look at some of these great items we found, all for under $15 each. Just hop quick and place your orders today–Easter will be here before you know it. -Christina

Arts and crafts
The all-natural homemade play-dough from Liliannelee (above) will entertain my kids while dinner finishes cooking. You can even get the dough scented with lavender which may take the edge off a sugar crash.

Pastel Crayon Rocks
Stubby Pencil Studio has long been a favorite of ours for their affordable kids’ craft supplies and I’m loving the new pastel shades of Crayon Rocks for my girls’ baskets. Want something a little more, um, earthy? Check out these Earth Worm Crayons
Cool, not junky, toys

Recycled Toy Sand Truck

We love the selection of high-quality, imagination-sparking toys at Maukilo like the new recycled-material Sand Truck from Sprig Toys. And the littlest ones will coo over their Bunny friend even as they chew on his ears. And don’t miss a chance to win an Easter basket full of treats

Organic Toy Carrot from Under the Nile

Give the kids something fun to play with after the egg hunt like the super-cute race cars from Green Toys or a simple animal puzzle from ImagiPLAY. And, what would Peter Rabbit tuck into an Easter basket? A carrot of course! I love this smiling organic one from Under the Nile. (all at Wild Dill)

Candy, candy and (of course) candy

Organic fair trade chocolate Easter bunnies

There’d be a mutiny in our house if the Easter Bunny left nothing but carrots. So, I’m heading over to the Natural Candy Store to browse their impressive selection of fairly priced Organic Easter Candy. I love their foil-wrapped, fair-trade Chocolate Bunnies 

Divvies Chocolate Bag Kit

Peter Rabbit loves kids with allergies too, so my oldest always finds some special treats from Divvies in her basket. Love their new Chocolate Bag Kit which would require a little work on my part ahead of time, but has big “wow” potential. 

Vegan marshmallows for Easter

Don’t expect glow-in-the-dark colors with these all-natural vegan marshmallow critters from Kate’s Caring Gifts. They have loads of other organic and vegan offerings too from companies we love like Annie’s, Surf Sweets and Yummy Earth.

Search our archives under “Easter” or, believe it or not, “Stocking Stuffers” for other ideas for your Easter baskets.

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