fairytale doll cards
What’s that delightful flavor? I mean, I know it’s paper. But there are essences of ballerina, candy, fruit, robot, and… do I detect the delightful aroma of ninja?

It must be Paperflavor, the brand new site offering a truly creative range of invitations, stationery, and other beautiful paper goods that are just my cup of (flavored) tea.

The stationery sets
are unusually adorable–a great choice for a tween girl who likes that
cute animé illustration style. And there’s a nice selection of baby shower invitations and photo baby announcements that are bright, colorful and modern. It’s a refreshing change from the same conventional things you always see online. Even the ubiquitous umbrella design (you know…shower) is nicely done with carefully crafted typography.

As for me, I gravitate to options like the hipster/nerd/rocker paper dolls and fairy tale paper dolls which are ready to be cut, dressed and played with. They are on the pricey side, but the printing is crisp and clear, and the paper is nice and heavy.

If you’ve got a hip pregnant friend who just can’t get behind
gingham and teddy bears, I can see outfitting an entire shower with
Paperflavor invites, cute recipe cards with guest recipes, a gift certificate
for birth announcements, and a package of thank-you notes for the
hostess, with all the cards tucked into a matching Paperflavor tote bag
for the ride home.

Naturally, I recommend the ninja. Not unlike babies, you never know when they’re going to arrive.~Delilah


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