Plug it in, plug it in!
Now that we’ve leaped into March, it’s time to take advantage of some of the tech world’s recent leaps. Here are some our favorite posts you might have missed from the last week.

1. Which free Disney app did our editor use at least twenty times a day when navigating Disney?Click to find out–and to see how long the wait time is for Dumbo at this very second.

2. Hallelujah! We found a card reader for your iPad so you can finally grab photos directly from your SLR– and it takes USB drives, too.

3. What do you get when you cross Bluetooth with a toothbrush? Cleaner teeth, we hope.

4. Android users rejoice! There’s now a Dropbox app just for you, which means you can transfer photos directly from your camera to that magical cloud for easy sharing.

5. If you’re looking to transport your iPad or laptop stylishly and safely, you just might fall in love with this new reasonably priced, eco-friendly iPad case by one of our favorite bag designers.

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